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The Unstruck Sound

A film that came into being due to intergenerational collaboration offers an exciting opportunity to peek into the future of Southern Estonia!


Welcome to the European Capital of Culture Tartu! The year is… 2074? From conversations between the young and elderly of Southern Estonia that took place in 2024, a science fiction movie has emerged, intertwining the wisdom of 1974 with the predictions for 2074. Will the future be bright or dark? Only time will tell! However, one thing is certain, even 50 years from now, the people here will have their arts of survival to help them move forward in the best possible way.


“The Unstruck Sound” is a science fiction journey into the future of Tartu and Southern Estonia. Led by the acclaimed British artist group Blast Theory, innovative visions of the future are sought and brought to life on screen. How to cope with the intensifying climate crisis? How to respond to major technological or social upheavals that we cannot even foresee? Fortunately, we can prepare for the future by looking at our past!

In a project uniting generations, young people from Southern Estonia interview individuals from their grandparents’ generation, who reminisce about life in 1974 and ponder what society could be like a hundred years later. With their collected memories, predictions, and powerful special effects, and in collaboration with the film producer Lanzadera Films, a fresh and lively interpretation of the future reaches Estonian and European film enthusiasts, one which can serve as both a warning and an inspiration. The film showcases authentic locations in Southern Estonia and includes not only professional actors but also local residents.

In addition to emphasizing local peculiarities and strengths, the film initiates a broader discussion on how local communities can make positive changes and what it means to be European. The story of the resilience and resourcefulness of local people will be screened in Southern Estonia in November 2024 and will reach thousands of other viewers online.

Blast Theory always aims to push the boundaries of traditional filmmaking to surprise and inspire the audience. In their work, they focus on themes of social and political significance. Blast Theory has won the prestigious Ars Electronica Golden Nica award and has been nominated for four BAFTA awards. Their works have been exhibited at, among others, the Venice Biennale and the Tribeca Film Festival, and they have collaborated with the UK’s Channel 4, the Royal Opera House, and the Sundance Film Festival.


The project brings together different generations and encourages them to collectively think about the future of their homeland. Through creative collaboration between the western and eastern edges of Europe, familiar places and ideas acquire new nuances, and the interpretation of the future of Southern Estonia by its people also inspires cinema enthusiasts across Europe and the world.

People watching the film.