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Tartu 2024 Extended

Tartu 2024 Extended, the youth programme of the European Capital of Culture, introduces new organisers to the cultural scene, particularly among young people.

Tartu 2024 Extended is a development programme for 14-19 year olds in Tartu and Southern Estonia. We will learn how to organise cultural events together in a six-session programme. We give information on how to develop projects, form teams, and plan and execute events.

All participants in the third class can help with the Tartu Youth Party, Southern Estonian Children’s Day, and the International Youth Day. Tartu Noorsootöö Keskus is Tartu 2024 Extended’s primary partner.

Create the European Capital of Culture with us!


The Tartu 2024 Extended program is financed by the Erasmus+ Youth Participation Activities project, supporting the Extended missions. The aim of the project is to support the active participation of young people through the use of non-formal methods.


Members of the Tartu 2024 extended.

Schedule for Extended class of 2024

  • 14-15 October

    Mission 1: What is your idea? | Location: Tartu (Tartu 2024 office)

  • 27 October

    Mission 2: How to create a team? | Location: Tartu (Tartu 2024 office)

  • 18-19 November

    Mission 3: Funding and programme | Location: Southern Estonia

  • 2 December

    Mission 4: Marketing | Location: Tartu

  • 13 January

    Mission 5: Technical production | Location: Tartu

  • 10 February

    Tartu Youth Party | Location: Tartu

  • March

    Mission 6: Is everything ready for the event? | Location: Tartu (Tartu 2024 office)

  • April

    Mentor meetings | Location: Tartu

  • 10 April

    Graduation | Location: Tartu

  • 30 May - 1 June

    Southern Estonian Children’s Day | Location: Tartu city centre, Southern Estonia

  • 12.-17. august

    International Youth Day Celebrations | Location: Tartu (Car-free avenue) and Southern Estonia

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