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The Unstruck Sound



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The Unstruck Sound is a science fiction exploration of the future of the Tartu region in 2074.

In 2024, internationally renowned artists’ group Blast Theory are undertaking an interdisciplinary, transgenerational project called The Unstruck Sound. It is a collaborative participatory work exploring radical possible responses to the climate emergency that will look for unexpected future possibilities and bring them vividly to life. The Unstruck Sound will invite young people and elders from across Southern Estonia to share their ideas. Five young people will be given the task to interview elders about life in 1974 and explore the possibilities for society 50 years in the future. By thinking backwards 50 years, they will create a platform to then imagine 50 years forwards. The Blast Theory artists will develop the script for a short science fiction film to be shot at locations in the region in collaboration with the film production company Lanzadera Films. State-of-the-art visual effects will be used to create an inspiring and amazing vision of Tartu and Southern Estonia 50 years from today, in 2074. The vision may be dystopian or utopian: but it will show how citizens have adapted to the threats and found new forms of resilience, i.e., their very own Arts of Survival.

About Blast Theory
Led by Matt Adams and Nick Tandavanitj, Blast Theory is focused on making interactive art in some shape or form and their work always includes a twist. Blast Theory aim to address socially and politically relevant topics and to animate the public. Blast Theory have won the Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica and have been nominated for four BAFTAs. Their work has been shown, for example, at the Venice Biennale and Tribeca Film Festival. The Commissioners include Channel 4, Sundance Film Festival, and the Royal Opera House.

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Blast Theory


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