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Kissing Tartu

It is an initiative of human consideration and respect, consisting of an educational programme, concert performance and unprecedented mass kissing session. We will talk about things in a simple and honest way, and provide great entertainment.


Tartu is a city where kissing is a theme, heavily surrounded by education, erudition, art, and music!

We will be talking about kissing in its profound and diverse sense, and we will be demonstrating it. “The Kissing Students” fountain at Tartu Town Hall Square is a beautiful and dignified, yet romantic symbol of Tartu. It values openness, humanity and respect. We, too, believe that everyone in Tartu and Estonia should be treated well, regardless of their nationality, race, age, gender or worldview.


It is possible to participate in a variety of kissing activities. We are creating valuable content for different audiences.

If you go to school, you can join the “First Kiss” educational programme that will broaden your worldview and raise your awareness of sexual health and – safety. All through a virtual reality solution!

But what’s life without kissing? Just a gloomy drive-through. People of all ages can take part in a mass kissing event at Town Hall Square. This is the culmination of Kissing Tartu, major concert performance with an unprecedented simultaneous kissing action. The performance will feature some of the best-known tunes from the Eurovision Song Contest. This electrifying concert and kissing performance will be broadcasted on TV, reaching people all over Europe.


One of the most important skills in life is to recognise, understand and express love. Tartu is a city where this must be possible for everyone. In 2024 and beyond.