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Wild Bits

This is an open-air exhibition of technological art. It makes you ponder on the connections between nature and technology. Two smaller outdoor exhibitions will take place in 2022 in the European Capital of Culture in Kaunas and in 2023 in Latvia. The project will culminate in the main exhibition at Maajaam, a tech and art farm near Otepää.


The withdrawal from nature is a phenomenon of urban sprawl both in Europe and worldwide. Estonia’s nature and country house culture allow us to lead the way on how to relate to nature and technology in parallel.

Maajaam is a small art centre set in a domed landscape. It is a farm where, instead of agriculture, new art and new technologies are being cultivated.


“Wild Bits” will take place over three years in three Baltic countries. The open-air exhibition will feature 10-15 new works of art from prominent artists in their field, from Estonia and around the world. The resulting works will create memorable symbols for the Capital of Culture and South Estonia.

It all culminates in an outdoor exhibition at Maajaam, the South-Estonian technology and art farm. You will get to stroll through the countryside, wander through the woods and meadows, gaze at the bottom of a lake or climb a fir tree. The works will blend in with their surroundings.


We will start thinking differently because of this artistic experience. Art allows us to create situations that may be impossible in everyday life. We will acquire more and more technological know-how and languages, the latter of which can also be wild and primal.

Survival depends on how well we can adapt. If we don’t deal with technology, technology will deal with us.