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Tuning of Valga

A breathtaking installation will move the boundaries of sound and lighting, showing the power that a single note can possess.


A single note will point a musician in the right direction, allowing them to play even the most complicated pieces correctly from start to finish. You only need a single note to create the perfect soundscape. But what happens to an acoustic environment when you change the pitch, volume, or rhythm of the note?


From the 17th of May to 27th of September the visitors of Valga Culture and Hobby Centre can experience an audio-visual installation that connects different mediums and sets different minds on the same wavelengths. We all know that sound can be heard, but what if it could also be seen?

The inspiration for the musical content of the installation is the number 440, referring both to the 440th birthday of Valga and the note La (frequency of 440 Hz), which choirs and orchestras use for tuning. Certain pieces can offer different experiences each visit since the installation is partly generative and changes slowly as time progresses.

The audible is made “visible” by lasers, the colour and position of which, together with the angle of incidence and other parameters, will depend on tone impulse, increasing the coherence between different mediums and creating a space that responds to changes in sound. Once the rhythm, frequency or intensity of the sound changes, the dimensions and structure of the room also change.

Additionally, you can get acquainted with the operation and process of creating the installation through brochures that can be found on-site.


The project will liven the cultural landscape of Valga, offering interesting opportunities for exploration to art and tech enthusiasts of all ages, all while being inviting for both local and foreign visitors.