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Treski Inspiration conference

Upbeat music and world-class inspirational speeches await you in a unique venue surrounded by the nature of Setomaa.


Imagine great speakers who motivate and create value for the whole world to share. Now imagine them performing on one of the world’s most exciting stages, in the small village of Treski in Setomaa. Taking the stage are inspiring people who have contributed to Estonia’s development and made our small country seem many times bigger than it actually is. The Treski Music and Inspiration Festival will surprise in 2024 with a beaming pre-event.


On August 8th, the Treski Music and Inspiration Festival will be preceded by an Inspiration Conference and after-party. Listeners will be treated to inspiring stories from people who have put Estonia on the world map in culture, business, politics and sports. The conference can be listened to on the spot and on a live stream. TEDx vibe is in the air!

Green-minded and respectful of the environment, the Treski Festival puts visitors at the centre of nature, culture and inspiration. The heart of the festival is a unique outdoor stage created by renowned musician and cultural organiser Jalmar Vabarna. Visitors can also enjoy the programme on the barn and forest stages, as well as the festival nightclub in the former silo. Music and inspiration go hand in hand at Treski – our aim is to bring to our visitors what brings value to life, inspires us positively, and guides us to discover and grow.


The Treski Music and Inspiration Festival is growing ever bigger, more vibrant and international: in addition to foreign artists, more and more foreign visitors are finding their way here. Estonia and its southern corner are becoming a popular destination for nature and culture lovers. We hope that the Treski Inspiration conference speeches will be available to people from all over the world after the festival.