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Surrealism 100

We are organising 4 art projects at the Tartu Art Museum and the Estonian National Museum dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Surrealist Manifesto. The events will be accompanied by a versatile public- and side programme. You, too, can be invisibly visible in the eternal mystery.


Surrealism is a 20th century movement in art and literature that focuses on unreality, dreams, hallucinations, pathological states, etc. The Surrealist Manifesto was written in 1924.

The centre of Estonian surrealism has always been Tartu. We are excited to introduce Estonian surrealist art to a wider audience. Society is ready to enjoy it.

In 2024, we will be collaborating with National Gallery Prague. Alongside Paris, Prague was one of the most important centres of surrealism in the 20th century. Similarly to Estonian cultural and art history, Czech and other Central and Eastern European art has, to some extent, undeservedly been neglected and left out of the grand narrative.


In Tartu in 2024, you will have the opportunity to collate local art with international surrealistic art. You can let your subconscious fly at an international exhibition at the Estonian National Museum, organised in collaboration with the National Gallery of Prague. Tartu Art Museum will host exhibitions which depict the Estonian 1980s as a surrealistic caricature, a solo exhibition by Kris Lemsalu and a survey of Ilmar Malin’s work.

All exhibitions are accompanied by an extensive public and educational programme. You, a surrealism fan, can get involved!

Throughout the exhibition programme, we will offer you surrealism as a culture-historical continuum through the centuries, up to the modern-day practices.


The exhibitions enlighten on the meaning and the historical background of surrealism. We will juxtapose art classics, top contemporary artists and culture-historical marginalia such as caricature and advertisement. We aim to draw attention to the mental health concerns that acutely affect society.

Surrealism will influence Estonian life in 2024.

I am a big mess in the procession

I am soot, I am virtue, I am wind

I am a mystic backbone of the snails