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Side Programme

The Tartu 2024 programme is made up of the main and side programme, which together form a single whole.

With the side programme, we add events already taking place in Tartu and Southern Estonia in 2024 to the European Capital of Culture programme.

The events of the main programme are curated and co-financed by Tartu 2024, the side programme will consist of marketing collaborations to enrich the Tartu 2024 programme with unique cultural experiences and provide greater visibility to already existing events.

The final choice, regarding which events will be included in the side programme, will be made by the Tartu 2024 Foundation.

Events are eligible for the side programme if they:

  • take place in the region of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 in 2024
  • follow Tartu 2024 Guidelines for Organising Environmentally Friendly Events
  • connect with the creative concept and values ​​of Arts of Survival
  • are open to the public (both with tickets or free of charge events)


  • When applying, we recommend that you think about the whole year, not just the summer – this way you have a better chance to stand out to those interested in the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024!
  • When organising, we recommend paying attention to both physical and informational accessibility (an environment that can be experienced and used by the elderly, children, people with special needs comfortably and without external assistance).
  • It will be beneficial for the application if the event has a big/international target audience or an interesting cultural dimension.

The events that we look forward to becoming part of the side programme may, among others, belong to the following fields and formats (in alphabetical order): architecture, concert, discussion, design, education, exhibition, fair, festival, film, folk culture, food culture, literature, party, performance, residency, sport , theatre and so on.

Value proposal

  • Association with the European Capital of Culture

    Being a part of the European Capital of Culture programme. Having the permission to use Tartu 2024 logos and messages in the materials and communication to enhance the visibility of the event.

  • Greater number of participants

    The event will be covered in Tartu 2024 programme information carriers, such as the programme calendar on the website and, if possible, also on social media.

  • Greater media coverage

    When possible, we will share photos and videos of the event on Tartu 2024 channels or through Tartu 2024 spokespeople.

  • Tartu 2024 merchandise

    We offer the opportunity to buy Tartu 2024 merchandise at a discounted price.


Use of the Tartu 2024 logo

The Tartu 2024 logo must be used correctly in the marketing and communication materials of the event, following the Tartu 2024 CVI

Referring to the European Capital of Culture

The event may refer to its participation in the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 side programme in its press materials, website, and/or social media. “X is a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 side programme,” is the correct reference.

Tartu 2024 visuals

Tartu 2024 marketing materials are distributed through the event’s digital channels as well as on-site, and Tartu 2024 may be represented at the event with visual elements (surf flags, cubes, separate area, tent, or other elements) if desired. Tartu 2024 can also provide the organiser with visual elements for the event.

Cooperation with the Tartu 2024 team

The organiser is ready to work with Tartu 2024’s communication and marketing team. Tartu 2024 has the right to request stage time at the event for its speakers to welcome the attendees on behalf of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024. Furthermore, Tartu 2024 has the right to request discounted event passes (for the Tartu 2024 team, volunteers, Tartu 2024 partners).

Other practical obligations

  • After being approved for the side programme, the organiser must enter the event information into the kultuuriaken.tartu environment, selecting “Tartu 2024” as the category (along with any other categories that apply), so that it can be added to the Tartu 2024 official website calendar. The event details must be entered in Estonian, English, and Russian.
  • We recommend that after you have successfully applied, you sell the tickets on Piletilevi. Piletilevi is the official Tartu 2024 ticket sales platform, providing additional visibility to events in the Tartu 2024 side programme as well as other marketing benefits.
  • Following the event, the representative must report general event information, like the number of attendees, the number of volunteers, media coverage, and environmental indicators.
  • The event representative or the marketing and communication manager must attend the introductory presentation for Tartu 2024’s side programme communication and marketing. The Tartu 2024 CVI and communication activities will be explained in detail to organisers.

We will send more detailed information about the practical obligations in the application response.