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The Route Diverse

We will be showing Southern Estonia through the eyes of different linguistic-cultural groups. We will do this with a route performance. Characters, stories and skills have always been honoured in Southern Estonia.


There are more than 80 different ethnic groups living in Southern Estonia. They live side by side but rarely interact with each other. The more people from different cultural backgrounds with different mother tongues interact, the more understanding and open we are towards each other. Mutual understanding is key to the future, as migration to Estonia is increasing every year. Our population is becoming more and more diverse and issues of social cohesion are ever more important.


The pre-programme offers exciting experiences in the communities of Southern Estonia. We will be introducing the cultures and knowledge of different migrant groups. In 2021-2023, 16 events will take place in four locations in Southern Estonia. You will be able to celebrate the Persian New Year, for example, or take part in a cricket competition. You will also get to sit around a long table at a cultural brunch and enjoy food while hearing about topics that matter in one or another part of the world.

In 2024, “The Route Diverse” performance is taking place. You will be taken to different stops by bus. At each stop, you will be treated to an art experience (dance performance, sound journey, installation, ghost tour, food experience, performance, etc.). The stops are created by different artists who explore topics related to migration, coexistence and human contact from different angles and via different media.


We will deliver an authentic and unique action that shows just how diverse life is in Southern Estonia. We are surrounded by so many inspiring people who are from elsewhere, yet have made Southern Estonia their home. The skills and knowledge of these people with a migrant background benefit the region economically, while also diversifying the Estonian cultural landscape. We are working on making Southern Estonia a great place to live for everyone, no matter their background so that they could contribute to the development of a sustainable and diverse society.

Be curious and open-minded. That’s how joy is born.

A child watching the show.