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F 5. Jul 2024

Dongbin Lee performance: ‘Echoes of Neglect: The Hidden Cost of Consumption’

19:30 - 20:00

Tartu city | Tartu Kunstimaja

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Artist Dongbin Lee (KR/EE) performance: ‘Echoes of Neglect: The Hidden Cost of Consumption’

‘Echoes of Neglect: The Hidden Cost of Consumption’ is a performance piece that critically addresses the environmental impact of human consumption habits, particularly the failure to engage in recycling and sustainable practices. The performance utilizes common, discarded materials like paper, plastics, and old refrigerators to symbolize the destructive effect of waste on natural ecosystems. Through powerful visual metaphors and symbolic representations, it illustrates how negligence in recycling contributes actively to environmental degradation. The piece aims to provoke thought and inspire a shift towards more sustainable behaviors by highlighting the stark contrasts between the potential beauty of recycled materials and their harmful presence when ignored. This performance serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for increased environmental awareness and action.

This performance is part of ‘Look into my Ice’ exhibition opening.
‘Look into my Ice’ is a romantic initiative to enhance our emotions towards the coldest entity on Earth: Ice. The transeuropean project is part of the official program of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 and offers new ways to approach the disastrous speed of the disappearance of polar and glacial ice as a result of the human made climate crisis.


MTÜ Eesti-Saksa Kunstikoostöö, roam projects e.V.


Vanemuise 26, Tartu, Tartu maakond, Eesti

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