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Moving Cities

Can cities be moved by creativity alone? Indeed they can! Estonian and Norwegian urban enthusiasts will be seeking clever choreographic ways to improve the public space for everybody and tell new stories about the familiar places of the two European Capitals of Culture – Tartu and Bodø.


How often do we pay mind to the public space in which we operate on a daily basis? The Estonian dance collective Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava and the Centre for Performing Arts DAVVI from Northern Norway are bringing together movement and urban space professionals to cast a critical eye on the surroundings, create a dialogue between city authorities and citizens, and offer creative alternatives for the use of urban environments. Through choreography, people are encouraged to find fresh perspectives in both Tartu and Bodø.


The urban space and its prevailing patterns are thoroughly explored using choreography and different movement techniques. Let’s divert ourselves from trodden paths to create new artistic solutions for the workings of public space!

The overarching theme of the project is the dialogue between choreographers and urban space specialists, the result of which will be different discussions, workshops and performances. In 2023, Estonian and Norwegian spatial design experts met at the Tartu Urban Festival UIT to collaborate with representatives from Tartu and find inspiring alternatives for the usage of public space that would also emphasise the unique characteristics of Tartu. In spring, forces will be joined in the sister cultural capital Bodø. After that, Moving Cities will arrive in Tartu, where on August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, a dance performance born as a result of the project, which takes a closer look at the uniqueness of Tartu and its urban space, will be performed. Moving Cities will cross the finish line with a collective dance in Tartu’s public urban space, which will take place after the final performance on August 3rd. The performances are accessible to all enthusiasts, regardless of language, age, or previous artistic experience.


A collaboration of choreographers, urban space specialists, and local governments will present the unique features and commonalities of the two cities and cultures, aiming to find new creative ways to highlight and showcase them to others.

A drone shot of Tartu.