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Look into my Ice

Art and science programme that will instigate a movement closer towards nature and show that even the smallest acts can move (ice)bergs.


One of the main indicators of global warming and the extent of the man-made climate crisis is the melting of ice sheets. Such a hot topic should not leave anybody cold, yet it seems to have become a normalcy during the catastrophe.

“Look into my Ice” is an initiative to enhance emotional engagement and awareness towards the disappearance of glaciers and polar ice. Scientists, philosophers and cultural psychologists with various theories imply hope for humans to change their ways for the benefit of the Earth and for humankind.

“Look into my Ice” uses effective artistic techniques to call attention to the environment once again, offering food for thought on how each individual can contribute to the well-being of our much-needed international community and to our shared planet. All global solutions have local beginnings!


Environmental issues might feel like a cold shower during the burning summer heat. Still, these problems have to be confronted and acted upon. From the 5th of July to the 18th of August, “Look into my Ice” will introduce to Tartu and Tartu County a substantial programme, which introduces through art and science the wide range of problems that the melting of the glaciers brings with itself. The exhibition will include works of art in various media, some of which have been created specially for the Capital of Culture within a residency programme on-site by international artists from the three European Capitals of Culture Tartu/Estonia, Bodø/Norway and Bad Ischl/Austria as well as Germany as the association’s headquarters.

Scientific phenomena will be introduced engagingly, instigating different generations to act and explore together with hands-on workshops, which introduce sustainable everyday practices and allow for a mutual discussion on the current climate issues. The project partners – Tartu Art House, TYPA Print and Paper Art Centre, Science Centre AHHAA, Ice Age Centre and Pallas University of Applied Sciences – invite visitors of all ages to exhibitions, workshops, performances, discussions and guided tours. By bringing people closer to environmental issues, art helps to establish an emotional engagement with the topic of ice and thus inspires people to make more environmentally friendly choices.

Insufficient contact with nature can make us apathetic towards the environment. “Look into my Ice” will be taking place in urban and countryside areas at the same time to reconnect humans with nature and increase our capacity to empathise with environmental problems. Even small and local sustainable acts can have a reaching positive impact.

The melting of the ice mass is a global problem. Countries that experience ice formation, like Estonia, Norway, and Austria will be able to share their knowledge with warmer climate countries, where the melting of the ice mass is not so easily perceived. It is by cooperating and sharing personal experiences and local successes that we learn most effectively. An online performance weekend brings together performative artistic positions from all European Capitals of Culture 2024 for an international audience without causing emissions through travelling.


The project will make people think about the Arts of Survival from a cultural and economic perspective: how do art and nature manage in a world focused on making a profit? By promoting cooperation between the locals and international partners, Estonia can share its valuable environmental knowledge with other countries.