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International symposium on wood sculpture and landscape art

Art and environment go hand in hand! At the symposium, works of art will be created from natural materials. These will delight viewers for the rest of their lives, and then become part of nature again.


In the picturesque parishes of Antsla and Kanepi, Estonian and foreign artists are creating works of art from natural materials to complement the region’s places to visit. The creation is inspired by the local cultural heroes, including Edgar Valter and his vision of an (artistic) life in nature. Visitors will be able to witness the birth of the works and later follow their natural life cycle – come and see how art gives nature a hand and becomes part of the local ecosystem!


12-17 August, we invite everyone to watch how unique wooden sculptures and landscape artworks are created. Artists are only allowed to use wood, stone and other natural materials, and the works must blend in with their surroundings and be somehow connected to the work of Edgar Valter. The natural gallery will stay there to delight people for years to come, becoming a habitat for fungi, insects and plants. We want to show visitors what happens to man-made things in nature, and how to make sure that the environment and art remain winners hand in hand.

In addition, all hobby artists are welcome to participate in the creative process and there will be a separate two-day competition for families and grandparents with children. For amateurs, we will offer a learning programme to support creativity, led by professional artists participating in the symposium.

The symposium will end with a scenic hike, during which the artists will present their work. On the final day, there will also be a closing ceremony and awards gala, and a fire sculpture dedicated to Tartu 2024 will be lit.

We hope that the artworks will create a friendly and warm feeling of being in nature and encourage visitors to think further and deeper!


We are raising awareness of the region at home and in Europe, and enhancing it with original and nature-friendly artworks that will delight for years to come. The educational programmes will enrich the participants’ knowledge, inspire them to pursue their hobby and to care for nature. If even one hobbyist becomes an environmental advocate afterwards, the project can be considered a success!