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Tõrva Loits 2024

The most fiery festival of the year is waiting for you at the heart of Tõrva and its surroundings, by the lakes and on the forest trails, day and night!


Tõrva Fire Days, a festival of exciting events, welcomes the Capital of Culture year with an even more spectacular programme. We will set the focus, more than ever, on mental health, environmental care and Mulgi culture.

Especially in honour of Tartu 2024, and for one night only, the legendary Tõrva Loits will be brought to life – a traditional performance accompanied by fire, water, light and magic tricks! In the twilight, the crazy show merges with the magical light art and music of the Tõrva Fire Night.


The Tõrva Fire Days festival, which takes place from 17th to 21th of July, is an annual highlight that attracts visitors from all over the country. In addition to the popular events and activities, already known to everyone – the bike ride night “Tõrva RattaÖÖ”, the Municipal nightclub, the family festival “Helme kandi päev” and the balance bikes race for kids -, the programme will include workshops on mental health as well as Mulgi language and culture. When organising these events, we value the environment and recycling.

At the Tõrva Fire Night, the music and light art trail around the picturesque Lake Veskijärvi will take on a whole new dimension. The world’s largest drums will be beating in the performance and interactive installations will allow visitors to take part in the spectacle. Innovative solutions, the likes of which have never been seen in Estonia before, will be brought here in collaboration with European light artists.

For the first time since 2017, visitors will get to experience Tõrva Loits again, which tells the story of being Estonian. Through spells and legends, the performance will reflect on important issues in society, the Mulgi culture and being Estonian in a European context. Musicians from Estonia and elsewhere will perform, and dancers and performers from Estonia and the twin municipalities of Tõrva municipality will add to the effect. The performers will be accompanied by a dizzying spectacle of fire and water intertwined with light and video effects.

Tõrva Loits is an experience and offers food for thought for all ages. An original interpretation of Estonian mythology, folklore and culture will captivate both local and foreign visitors, and bring us closer to the legends that are increasingly forgotten in everyday life.


Local communities will be reassured that international cooperation and cultural exchange reinforce our identity, instead of dissolving it. We are showing that even a small border town

can organise large-scale events that are also environmentally sustainable. We are strengthening the image of Tõrva municipality, Valgamaa and south-east Estonia, and introducing our rich culture to visitors from further afield. Many local people are involved in organising the events, which increases the sense of community, promotes entrepreneurship and makes people proud of their hometown.

A big bonfire in the night.