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Crowing Linda

The legendary community centre of Linda kolkhoz revives the tradition of long table parties for one evening and invites you on a whirlwind tour through the cultural history of the region. “...Where chickens drink gold, where roosters bring golden eggs...” (Estonian folklore)


Designed by the renowned architect Toomas Rein, the Linda community centre was built in 1973. The cultural centre of the former kolkhoz centre and architectural jewel of Antsla parish, it houses the largest hall in South Estonia with a capacity of 1500 people. It has always been a community favourite for leisure activities and is known for its long table parties.

Linda kolkhoz was a very prosperous collective farm, partly thanks to poultry breeding. In honour of this, a modern sculpture, the “Kobela Rooster”, was installed in the courtyard of the community centre, which back then was ahead of its time and therefore caused much controversy. With its colourful past, the community centre has been revived as a cultural temple of South-Estonia under the active leadership of the local NGO Boose Selts.

In 2024, the renovated building will open with a big bang and a new Kobela Rooster!


On the last Saturday of August 2024, the doors of Linda community centre will open! The party in three parts will bring together Estonian folk culture and timeless hits from the era, and the tables will be full of unforgettable dishes from the 80s!

LONG TABLE PARTY: The traditional harvest party resurrects in the hall of the community centre. Speeches are given to celebrate bygone times and the guests get to taste the traditional 80s dishes such as local chicken and fish, and the products of the winery “Linda Nectar”. The party is not short of celebrities, either! Kalmer Tennosaar, the first artist ever to perform at Linda’s community centre, becoming so beloved by the locals that he was awarded the title of honorary citizen of Linda’s kolkhoz, is sure to attend the party.

PERFORMANCE: The cultural history of the region unfolds on the lake Väike-Boose, surrounding the community centre. Through a combination of folklore songs and sound-light installations, guests will become part of world creation. At the centre of the story is a hen hatching an egg, which then hatches into the symbol of Linda’s community centre – a cock!

HIT PARADE: Everyone can dance their heart out to the greatest hits of the era!

In the yard, the new Kobela Rooster, a joint work of sculptors from Estonia and abroad, will be crowing triumphantly!


The event will boost cooperation among the local community and between different sectors, while promoting business, tourism and cultural life. For the Estonian visitor, the party is a nostalgic look back, for the foreign guest it offers an exotic journey back in time!

People eating at the table.