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Laboratorio Module 24

A performance that seeks and offers inspiration by binding together theatre, dance, and installation art.


The artists have drawn their inspiration from the mutual love for nature, horses, nature films, siblings, miniatures and 1980s video cassettes’ overlapping recordings. The visual world will take the viewer on a journey into their mind. The journey suggests different kinds of landscapes and illusions, all while trying to find out what makes Tartu so inspiring.


“Laboratorio Module: test 24, inspiring Tartu” is a performance which combines the physical arts of theatre, dance, media, and installation.

Laboratorio serves as a response to throw-away art. The physical materials used in stage design, as well as the performance’s central idea itself, are reusable. The latter evolves, grows, mixes and remixes with that which has already been created, thus becoming an ongoing process constantly redefining itself through new artists, places, and themes. After the performances in Tartu conclude, the project will be revived two years later in the European Capital of Culture Oulu, adding new, unique ideas to the original concept.

The idea of Laboratorio belongs to Milla Virtanen and Leevi Lehtinen. The main work consists of modules, which the authors themselves call experiments. The modules can also be viewed as independent artworks, each with its own theme: the module of Tartu is dedicated to identity and inspiration. The first performance of Laboratorio took place in November 2021 in Kuopio, Finland.

Laboratorio Module 24 in Tartu is a standalone artwork created by a newly formed artistic team. The project is developed in cooperation with Anssi Laiho (Finland), Johhanna Anett Toomel and Helle Mari Toomel (Estonia), Milla Virtanen and Leevi Lehtinen (Finland). The 24th module of Laboratorio will be performed eight times in the Hall of Love at Aparaaditehas, from 5. – 13. of July 2024.

But what is it that makes Tartu so inspiring? During the performance, the project’s authors and their collaborators in Tartu highlight their personal sources of inspiration, creating a subconscious collage of the performers’ collective identity and the phenomena that ignite them.

During the performance, it will be as though the audience has entered into a laboratory where the performers will share their inspiration through experiments. The visual language of the performance takes the viewer on a journey through their own mind, creating various landscapes and illusions while occasionally blending together performers and inanimate objects.

Laboratorio was nominated for the Videosäde prize, which is given annually for the best video design in a Finnish theatre.

Laboratorio Module 24 is a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main programme.


In collaboration between Estonia and Finland, a performance is brought to the stage, parts of which are inspired by the local environment and carry the spirit of the cultural capital. The project, in turn, continues in the next Capital of Culture, Oulu.