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Through the City

It is a lively story about Tartu and the people living in this town. We are collecting diverse memories of the residents of Tartu's diverse neighbourhoods. We'll make the city buzz creatively and give a voice to those who are usually not involved when it comes to art. You can experience the stories of various districts and their people in a travelling theatre production.


This multi-annual project involves almost the whole city of Tartu. We will be meeting and interviewing people from all walks of life, to get an overview of what living, breathing Tartu really feels like. We started gathering and presenting the stories in the summer of 2020 in Karlova district, resulting in the production THROUGH THE CITY: KARLOVA (2021). In the upcoming years, we will go on with Supilinn (2022), Ülejõe district (2023) and finally Annelinn (2024).

It is a unique community theatre experiment worldwide. It will run for 4 years and cover the whole city. We will bring together different generations and give a chance to those who are not involved in artistic activities on a daily basis.


It is a large community-engaging production in the form of a journey. In the previous years, as a warm-up, you will have the opportunity to take part in the performances in Karlova, Supilinn and Ülejõe districts.

The grand final will take place in 2024 in Annelinn. You will get to be part of a three-dimensional production involving basically the whole district. You will have the chance to experience real stories of real people, worked into an artistic whole by professional theatre-makers and residents of the district.


Theatre, arts and culture are for people and communities to make. We promote the hands-on mentality, DIY and valuing the stories of its people is an essential part of the spirit of any city or district. Each neighbourhood has its own character to be proud of.

Tartu is full of stories, and vividly telling those stories could become an annual tradition. We will learn how to demonstrate what makes us special and to celebrate it. We will learn how to be proud of ourselves.

Just look at the city of Tartu!