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Three bridges across the border

In 2024, Räpina will cross all borders! Through food, music and stories, the south-eastern corner of Estonia will intertwine local experiences with the specialities of its European friends.


One municipality, four seasons, four cultural evenings. Through music, food and stories, Räpina builds bridges that connect us with Norway in winter, Austria in spring, the Netherlands in summer and Iceland in autumn.


In the Capital of Culture year, four cross-border cultural evenings will take place in Räpina municipality. Each event offers participants tasty food, music and fascinating stories from a European country that holds the title of European Capital of Culture at the same time as Tartu or has twin towns with Tartu.

The aim of the Food Bridge is to mix the personalities of different cuisines into a completely new experience. Through stories, we will strengthen the historical and cultural ties between Estonia and the guest country, and share common observations and humour. The Music Bridge is created by a collaboration between Estonian and foreign musicians. The performers will prepare a programme in which the musical languages of the two countries intertwine.

The cultural evenings are planned to be small, even intimate, in order to create a cozy atmosphere for the participants of different nationalities.


The series of events supports and reinforces the notion that the encounter of cultures enriches the parties involved, rather than taking anything away from anyone. Over the course of the year, we believe that regular visitors of different nationalities will emerge, and that the cultural bridges will remain in place even after the events.