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Kanepi Festival

Come and discover the worthy qualities of the intriguing plant! At the festival, we will demonstrate the different uses of industrial hemp - from food to cosmetics.


Industrial hemp is often confused with its narcotic relative, but in reality it is a super plant that can be used to make soap, fuel and building materials. The aptly named Kanepi Parish (Kanep is Estonian for hemp/cannabis) introduces you to the cultivation and benefits of industrial hemp. In addition to that, you can wander around in the legendary hemp maze, go smartphone-orienteering to local attractions and listen to a concert. This initiative of local young people will grow into an international event by 2024!


In autumn 2023, we will organise a pre-event for the local community together with the Tartu World University. We will talk about hemp cultivation in Estonia, the etymology of the place name Kanepi and the symbolism of the region.

In the summer of 2024, we are welcoming everyone to a two-day hemp festival! At the Hemp Conference, scientists, entrepreneurs and other interested parties will be discussing the role of hemp in agriculture and heritage culture, as well as the environmental sustainability and constraints of hemp cultivation. Cultivation and valorisation of industrial hemp is a growing trend in the world – why not in (Southern) Estonia?

In cooperation with partners from Estonia and abroad, a diverse entertainment programme will be brought to the visitors. How would you like to try hemp tea, make natural cosmetics or grow your own square metre of hemp? In addition, we invite you to wander around the hemp maze (grown from Estonia’s own first variety of hemp seed!), discover local places of interest through an adventure game and enjoy a concert organised by the youth of Kanepi.


The festival strengthens the local community and cross-sectoral cooperation, and promotes business, tourism and cultural life. Visitors will become more aware of the cultivation and beneficial properties of industrial hemp.