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International Kultuurikompass Forum Turns Attention Towards Environmentally Friendly Cultural Management

The international forum Kultuurikompass: ”How To Change The World Through Environmentally Friendly Cultural Management?” returns on April 28. The major event taking place at the Estonian National Museum explores how cultural management practices can be made more environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on society.

International Kultuurikompass Forum poster.
10. Mar Kaidi-Lisa Kivisalu

European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 “Tartu with Earth” programme line manager Triin Pikk: “We live in an ever-changing world, where the importance of culture in society is invaluable. The four core values of Tartu 2024 and our creative concept Arts of Survival are uniqueness, sustainability, awareness and co-creation. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.”

“Our programme calls for making the ecological factors of our activities more important than the economic ones. Following this principle, the European Capital of Culture’s events, activities and communication with the public are organised in an environmentally friendly manner. This means that we are doing something unprecedented in Estonia – in 2024, a quarter of Estonia will organise thousands of events on the same principles. We have compiled a guide to environmentally friendly cultural management, which is followed by all the events included in the official programme,” explains Pikk.

One of the themes of this year’s international Kultuurikompass is the urgent need to change the ways we operate today due to climate change. The organisers find that the cultural sector has the opportunity to achieve a lot together. Pikk adds: “Tartu 2024 believes that we can change the world through environmentally friendly cultural management. The contribution of each sector to mitigating and curbing climate change is of the utmost importance. In the cultural sector, this means reviewing and updating cultural policy strategies, support systems and changing cultural management practices. “

Creatives, policy makers and cultural operators will discuss at the event how cultural management can make its activities more environmentally friendly and have a positive impact on communities and the society at large.

Speakers at the event: Artur Mendes (Boom Festival), Else Christensen-Redzepovic (Voices of Culture), Feimatta Conteh (Theatre Green Book), Jonas Skielbo (VeloConcerts), Kiira Kivisaari (Helsinki Biennial), Kristiina Kerge (Rohetiiger), Lewis Jamieson (Music Declares Emergency), Marleen Viidul (Tartu City Government). Additional speakers will be announced soon.

The forum will take place April 28 at 1 pm in the Estonian National Museum and will be broadcast on the Tartu 2024 website and social media channels. The event takes into account all the Covid-19 regulations.