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Hospitality network

The Tartu 2024 hospitality network's purpose is to help Southern Estonia flourish as a truly welcoming destination.

Guests of the European Capital of Culture can use the network to find lodging, dining places, recreational activities, and guide services recommended by us to make their visit to Southern Estonia even more unforgettable.

Tartu 2024 sticker.

For business owners

Hospitality is priceless. The staff's kind and welcoming attitude will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on the guests and will be passed on as a warm recommendation, thereby playing a significant role.

All companies in the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 region have the opportunity to join the hospitality network

Chef presents a cake.

For customer service staff

Customer service professionalism is essential in delivering a welcoming environment.

Everyone makes mistakes or has difficulties from time to time, but it is critical to remain polite, friendly, and helpful.

Here is a brief instructional film on cultural differences, environmental sustainability, consumer awareness, and accessibility in the hospitality industry.