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Network FAQ

We expect each project team to manage its communication and marketing activities independently

Each project has its own channels (website, social media, etc.), creates its media list, organizes media activities, and hires a photographer and/or videographer for events.

SA Tartu 2024 amplifies projects selectively on its channels.

We invite you to participate in network meetings and to plan and allocate at least 10% of the project budget for marketing and communication activities.

1. Communications

Tartu 2024 umbrella statement

Estonia’s biggest event in 2024 is the European Capital of Culture. We host over 1000 events for individuals of all ages.

The year-long programme in Tartu and Southern Estonia presents the story of the Arts of Survival – the knowledge, skills, and values that will enable us to live better lives in the future.

As a community, we want to share this information while also learning from others. Inspired by culture, this is how we build a better tomorrow.

Public texts

Please send us your first three public texts (press releases, invites, etc.) before distributing them. Please confirm the first public text for small projects.
Contact: [email protected]

Tartu 2024 is written separately and Tartu with a capital letter.

The correct full name is Euroopa kultuuripealinn Tartu 2024 (European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024).

Use the following sentence in all of your media texts:

  • EST: “Projekt x on osa Euroopa kultuuripealinn Tartu 2024 põhiprogrammist.”
  • ENG: “Project x is a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main programme.”
  • GER: “Das Projekt x ist ein Teil des Hauptprogramms der Europäischen Kulturhauptstadt Tartu 2024”
  • LV: Projekts “X” daļa Eiropas Kultūras Galvaspilsēta Tartu 2024 galvenās programmas.
  • LT: Projektas X yra Europos kultūros sostinės „Tartu 2024“ pagrindinės programos dalis.
  • FI: Hanke “X” kuuluu Euroopan kulttuuripääkaupunki Tartu 2024 pääohjelmaan
  • RUS: Проект х входит в основную программу культурной столицы Европы Тарту 2024

2. Social Media

Tartu 2024 is written separately, except for @Tartu2024 and #Tartu2024.

Add Tartu 2024 as a co-host to the Facebook event, and send a notification about it to the Tartu 2024 Facebook account by message or email [email protected].

The Facebook event must be written in both Estonian and English. It must include the phrase “Project x is a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main programme.”

If the event is in English only, add an Estonian introduction to the FB event text as well. At a minimum: Brief introduction, “x on osa Euroopa kultuuripealinn Tartu 2024 põhiprogrammist.”, The event is in English.

3. Brand and design

Logo usage

Tartu 2024 has a trio logo label(the Tartu 2024 logo plus the emblems of the two primary supporters). Because the funding for the projects already includes the key supporters’ contribution to the European Capital of Culture, their logo must also be featured in the main programme’s imagological marketing materials.

In all marketing and communication materials, use the Tartu 2024 trio logo. If it is not possible to use the logo, refer to Tartu 2024 in text (“Project x is a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main programme.”).

The trio logo must be on:

  • project’s webpage
  • project’s print- and  outdoor media
  • end credits of the project’s videos
  • the project’s social media visuals, such as the Facebook event cover

Tartu 2024 main programme projects are also permitted to use their own Tartu 2024 logo (Tartu 2024 logo + project name). Because many projects do not have their own logo, the project may, but is not required, to use this logo.

Tartu 2024 is always listed in the “Partners” section, not the “Sponsors” section.

Please send us your first three designs, so that we can review together whether the created design follows the Tartu 2024 CVI. For small projects, please coordinate the first design.
Contact: [email protected]

4. Photos and videos

Every project hires its own photographers and/or videographers.

The photographs and videos in the Tartu 2024 photo bank can be used by all projects in conjunction with European Capital of Culture events or for general Tartu 2024 marketing.

When using a photo or video, there must always be a reference to the name of the photographer/videographer and Tartu 2024 (example: Photographer: Maanus Kullamaa/Tartu 2024). The name of the photographer is always listed under the name of the album on Flickr.

Send us photos and videos from your events. There is a project photo bank folder in network Drive where you may upload both images and videos.

The name of the folder must be in the form date, project name, event name, photographer name (example: 2023-29-08 Varjatud maailmade avardumine, Athosland, Annika Vihmann).

If you have uploaded the images/videos to Drive, please notify us by email: [email protected]

5. Marketing materials and merchandise

Renting room design elements

We are happy to borrow Tartu 2024 brand marketing materials for project events (cubes, roll-ups, photo wall, surf flags, etc.).
Contact: [email protected]

Tartu 2024 merchandise

You can buy Tartu 2024 merchandise with -20% discount directly through our e-shop partners subpage (hoodies, t-shirts, accessories) and order room design elements (rollups, flags etc).

Username and password: Tartu2024Partner, JbnpSYxQxs3dYznI7yD4

Marketing materials

All projects can receive a limited number of free Tartu 2024 five facts leaflets and stickers by picking them up at the Tartu 2024 office, which you can hand out at your events and meetings.

Our digital marketing materials are available here, including additional information and resources to support your marketing activities.

People taking a selfie.

6. Piletilevi and Kultuuriaken


Tickets for the events of the European Capital of Culture are on sale at Piletilevi. If the event does not sell tickets or if there is only a registration (€0 ticket), it can still be listed on Piletilevi for informational purposes.

The 60/40 rule applies: at least 60% of tickets must be available at Piletilevi, with the remaining 40% available elsewhere (including free tickets if desired).

Piletilevi comes with a €410+km advertising package that includes publishing event information in the newsletter, a Facebook/Instagram post, a banner in the “recommended” area, and advertising on sales point screens.

The advertising package of €410+km does not apply to free events that have been added on Piletilevi for notification purposes.

In the ticket sales environment, the main and major partners of the European Capital of Culture must be indicated using the sentence: Euroopa kultuuripealinna tegemisi toetavad A. Le Coq, Delfi Meedia, Topauto ja Lux Express / European Capital of Culture is supported by A. Le Coq, Delfi Meedia, Topauto and Lux ​​Express.” (NB! This sentence can change when new partners join).

Contact: [email protected]

How to add your event to Piletilevi?
Fill out the order form. Include corporate information, the event’s name, date, location, ticket price, and ticket quantity.

Send the order form and add the event description and visual (498*717 px) to the address: [email protected]

The process is the same for free events, clearly state on the order page that no tickets are being sold. There is no contract with Piletilevi for free events.


Tartu 2024 main programme events must be uploaded to the environment in Estonian and English. There, the information is automatically fed into the calendar of the Tartu 2024 website, which is the primary source of information about the European Capital of Culture’s events.

When submitting your event:

  • Read the Kultuuriaken guide.
  • If the event has a ticket then add the Piletilevi shopping cart link to Kultuuriaken. The link should already direct to the purchase site.
  • Add the event in Estonian and English. If you wish, you can also add the event in Russian.
  • When entering the event, make sure to choose Tartu 2024 as one of the categories when deciding on the event category.
  • Add a cover image to the event (use the Facebook cover image size). The cover photo on the English-language Tartu 2024 website is identical to the Estonian one, thus if there is any writing on it, write it in both languages (EST/ENG). You may use the triple logo, but it’s not required for the cover image. To make your events stand out more on the website, change the cover photos if you add many events. If you’d like, you can add additional images—such as portraits of artists or performers—to Kultuuriaken in addition to the cover image.
  • To make text simpler to read, use spaces (enter) between text parts. You can also use symbols to format text.
  • Take the effort to make the event description as appealing and easy to understand for the reader as possible.
  • If the free event requires registration, add the registration link to Kultuuriaken (when entering, choose a free event and then add a registration link).
  • In the event description, explain the reason of the chosen accessibility categories. What exactly does this mean for a person?
  • Take note of how people arrive at your event. Consider whether you, as an organiser, should organise public transit for the event (for example, if it takes place in the forests of Southern Estonia). It is also possible for the organiser to sell bus tickets in Piletilevi so that you do not have to fund the entire trip yourself.
  • Consider the foreign visitor when describing the event’s text. Is the foreign visitor welcomed at your event, and what components of the event must be modified to make them feel at ease?
  • The Tartu 2024 team member must validate the event after submitting it in Kultuuriaken so that it appears on the Tartu 2024 website.
  • The event’s organiser may choose to include sub-events under one larger event. It is advisable to connect related events if there is a main event (in this case, a larger event) that encompasses multiple smaller events.
  • If the event information (timetable, location, etc.) changes, Kultuuriaken should be the first channel you update!

7. Sponsors

The main organiser ensures that there is no conflict and competition between Tartu 2024 Foundation’s sponsors and the sponsors of the main organiser’s project.

Invitations to the Tartu 2024 team, sponsors, supporters and/or partners to the main organiser’s event in the agreed volume.

A. Le Coq is Tartu 2024’s beverage partner. Projects involved in the Tartu 2024 main programme are eligible to request drinks from A. Le Coq as a sponsor. The amount of drinks is limited. A. Le Coq considers a number of factors before deciding whether to sponsor an event, including its marketing impact. The next round of applications for drinks will take place from 1 – 15 June, 2024, with a focus on projects who will mostly require drinks in the third quarter of 2024. For events that are further away, the request can be made even now if the precise number of beverages needed is known.

Delfi media is Tartu 2024’s media partner and on the page there is a Tartu 2024 content marketing subpage. Projects in the Tartu 2024 programme can submit articles to the subpage, every week four articles will be published. Submit your story here. We publish stories according to news value, content, and time whenever possible. The final editing will be done by Tartu 2024.

Additionally, you can inquire about promotional offers from Delfi for advertising space to use in your project’s marketing and communication efforts. You must complete the request form in order to do this.

Mairi Peetersoo is the contact for Delfi. Mob: +372 5397 4716; [email protected]

Topauto is Tartu 2024’s car partner. Projects involved in the Tartu 2024 main programme are eligible to request sponsored rental cars from Tartu 2024 car partner Topauto. The sponsorship decision will be made by Topauto based on the marketing value of the potential cooperation and availability of rental cars. Submit your request here at least 1 month before the event. The rental period is up to 1 week.