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There are a total of nearly 120 general education schools in the four counties of Southern Estonia, where more than 29,000 students study. Young people are one of the focuses of Tartu 2024.

More than 60 projects from Tartu 2024’s main programme are linked to school or educational activities, all of which promote the artistic theme of Arts of Survival. That is why our programme is called Tartu 2024 culture and education programme.

Tartu 2024 subject in school

  • We developed a culture management course for pupils in primary and secondary schools. We will make the syllabus public in November 2023, and it will be then ready for school’s hobby groups or elective courses.
  • Furthermore, many Tartu 2024 projects provide chances for cultural and artistic collaboration within the context of schoolwork.

Educational programme

Tartu 2024 offers educational events for people of various ages. Every teacher, school, or club leader can select the ideal event for their students.

We welcome teachers, students, and other school personnel to engage in the whole programme, in addition to educational activities.