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Arts of Survival Documentaries

The South is special. The south is wild. The South is full of artists of survival.

Arts of Survival Documentaries brings you eight stories about Tartu and Southern Estonia under the collective name “Wild South”. Among the eight authors, there are filmmakers whose roots are deep in Southern Estonia and those who looked at the region with completely fresh eyes. These are stories about the Arts of Survival – in this wildly enchanting region.


In the global context, Estonia has many distinctive features – artists of survival in cities and forests, buzzing science from slime mold to the sky, self-made karakats by local fishermen, and dreamlike passage through places and communities.

The short film collection “Wild South” consists of eight short films, and you will be able to watch them in cinemas across Estonia. You might also see them on TV or at screenings in small villages. However, if you’re more into evening gowns and suits, feel free to enjoy these films about the uniqueness of Southern Estonia at some of Europe’s prestigious film festivals.


In 2022 internationally renowned documentary filmmakers came to Southern Estonia for a residency, each of whom found a topic that excites them. During the residency, Estonian filmmakers as well as young film enthusiasts from Southern Estonia exchanged ideas with the world’s top documentary filmmakers – collaboration became an experience.

Of course, you will have the chance to see it all. You’ll enjoy these out-of-the-box movies in 2024. You’ll see a high-quality, honest picture of our natural and cultural ways of survival. You’ll get a different view of the people, places and culture of Southern Estonia.


The film medium spreads quickly across the globe and the on-screen stories will remain an important record of life in Tartu and Southern Estonia for generations to come.

Never before has Southern Estonia been captured on film in such a wild way.