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Media accreditation

European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 grand opening

European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 grand opening takes place on Friday, 26 January in Tartu. The festivities begin in the morning and culminate at 19.00 with the spectacular opening ceremony “All Is One!”.

The play will take place between Kaarsild and Rahu bridge on the left-side (where the Atlantis building is located) shore of Emajõgi. The public can watch the play on the opposite shore, near Vabaduse puiestee. The opening event will include performers such as Trad.Attack!, Sander Mölder, Lonitseera, and many other actors, dancers, and artists. The play is directed by Taavi Tõnisson and the dramaturgist is Eero Epner.

Throughout the day, celebrations will be held throughout the city, and we invite both Estonian and foreign journalists to attend. There will be a separate programme and opportunities for journalists to cover the opening ceremony. The media day begins at 11.00 with a press conference at Kolm Tilli and concludes with an after-party at the Estonian National Museum.

We ask accreditation from all media representatives, including photographers and videographers, who wish to cover the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture. The accreditation has closed.

Why is accreditation important?

• Access to the Tartu 2024 press conference, press room and special events.
• Access to Tartu 2024 materials (photos, timetables, area maps, etc.).
• Interview arrangements with Tartu 2024 spokespersons.

Additional information

Contact: Kaidi-Lisa Kivisalu • Tartu 2024 Communication Specialist
[email protected] • +372 5695 9232

Tartu 2024 press conference

• Entrance with accreditation •

The press conference will be held on Friday, 26 January from 11.00-13.00 in the Kolm Tilli restaurant (Tartu, Kastani 42). Tartu 2024 CEO Kuldar Leis and Artistic Director Kati Torp will introduce the opening of the European Capital of Culture and the programme. The Tartu 2024 stamp will be unveiled for the first time, and the first hot example of a joint kiss from the Tartu 2024 event “Kissing Tartu” will take place. Neeme Raud, a journalist, will preside over the press conference.

Following the press event, journalists can conduct interviews with Tartu 2024 representatives and attend a lunch at Kolm Tilli. The press event will be held in English. Tartu 2024 will not broadcast the press conference online.


Tartu 2024 press room

• Entrance with accreditation •

The press room will be open to journalists on 26 January, from 13.00-22.00. Located in the Toko restaurant (Vabaduse pst 1c), it is just across from the opening ceremony grounds. There will be fast internet, electrical plugs, snacks, and a pleasant setting.

You can also watch the opening ceremony from Toko at 19.00. Photographers and videographers can capture the opening performance from the restaurant’s roof.

A woman on stage.

Photos and videos from the opening celebrations of Tartu 2024 | area maps

Drones are restricted in and around the opening ceremony location from 13.01.2024, 4.00 a.m. until 31.01.2024, 21.59 p.m. The coordinates are 582250N 0264333E, with a radius of 0.5NM or 925 metres and a height of up to 1000 feet (305 m). Drone permits are not provided during this period for this location. Drones that violate the flight ban are seized by police using a drone catcher.

Except for the Toko roof, there are no specific spaces for capturing photos and videos on the opening ceremony grounds. Photographers and videographers are free to walk around the audience area during the opening ceremony. Accredited media will receive more detailed information about the event as well as images from Tartu 2024 photographers.

Schedule for media on 26 January

  • 10.00–12.00 Tartu 2024 Children's disco

    Entrance with accreditation  | Location: Club Illusion (Raatuse 97)

  • 11.00–13.00 Tartu 2024 press conference

    Entrance with accreditation | Location: Kolm Tilli (Kastani 42)

  • 13.00–22.00 Open press room

    Entrance with accreditation | Location: Toko (Vabaduse pst 1c)

  • 15.00–23.00 Warm-up party

    Public| Location: Town hall square
    • Performers: Púr Múdd, Merimell • YASMYN • Rozell • Eleryn Tiit & Inga Tislar • Kersten Kõrge & Robert Kähr

  • 19.00–20.00 Tartu 2024 opening ceremony „All Is One!”

    Public | Location: banks of the river Emajõgi on Vabaduse puiestee side
    • In addition, journalists can watch the opening ceremony from the Toko press room and its roof

  • 20.30–21.30 Festive procession

    Public | Route: Vabaduse puiestee – Narva maantee – Estonian National Museum
    • Reisiv Siil (Traveling Hedgehog) • Púr Múdd • DJ Magnuss Eriņš •

  • 21.00–02.00 ÖÖ24 at ENM

    Free entrance with accreditation | Location: Estonian National Museum
    • Peeter Volkonski • Jüri Makarov • Heivi Saaremets • Paul Oja • Hannaliisa Uusma •  Micaela S. • „Who Claims the Night?” exhibition •

  • 21.00–03.00 Tartu 2024 Open-air rave

    Public | Location: Estonian National Museum
    • SIGMA Dj-set ft. MC Degs (UK) • Emily Makis & Hi-Phi (UK) • Heidy Purga (Estonian Minister of Culture) • Sound In Noise x Olivar ft. MC Slin

Schedule for media on 25 January

  • 10.00–17.00 Business festival sTARTUp Day

    Entrance with accreditation | Location: University of Tartu Sports Centre

    Journalists are welcome to attend sTARTUp Day, the Baltics’ largest business festival. sTARTUp Day is co-organised by Tartu 2024. More information and accreditation are available here.

  • 19.00–20.00 Tartu 2024 opening ceremony „All Is One!” dress rehearsal

    Entrance with accreditation | Location: banks of the river Emajõgi on Vabaduse puiestee side

    Journalists are welcome to attend the opening ceremony’s dress rehearsal, which will include a play-through of the entire performance as well as a recording of the TV broadcast. If you wish to cover the opening ceremony rehearsal, please note this on the accreditation page.

  • 00.00–01.30 Procession dress rehearsal

    Route: Vabaduse Puiestee – Narva maantee – Estonian National Museum

    The moving mutant car Traveling Hedgehog will drive through the parade path. Police will escort the march. If you want to cover the Traveling Hedgehog’s route, please mention so in the accreditation form. We can provide further information on hours and activities once the details are clear.