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The Route Diverse is looking for the last artist to join in spring 2024

The Route is an interactive art tour that is happening in and between different stops. The audience is taken to these stops with a special bus. In these stops, the audience can experience different artworks that are co-created together with communities. 

Maailma Maaliini ekskursioon plakat
11. Mar

This bus, for the 3,5 hours of the tour, becomes a home for the people who have joined the tour. We are looking for an artist who would like to explore the concept of home from different perspectives and create the experience in the bus that makes the audience reflect on the concept of home, and also about becoming a temporary community. 

The possible angles to serve as inspiration could be: What should be there or what should happen for the place to be called home? Is it about place? people? emotions? When do you stop calling a place home? Does the idea of home cut us off from the concept of habitat? What experience should the audience get, what should happen either between them or in this room, that would create the feeling of home?

However, the artist is most welcome to come up with other perspectives.

The artwork needs to be created between March and June 2024.

What kind of art are we looking for?

The artwork itself can be created with different mediums. It could be audial, performative, or spatial. 

However, the following aspects needs to be taken into account:

  • The Route Diverse (Maailma Maaliin) bus travels the art route 35 times from June 2024 to September 2024. It means that the artwork that will be created, will need to be presented (or re-created) 35 times during this period in the bus.
  • The artwork/process that creates the experience for the audience needs to happen in (and possibly around) the bus
  • The artwork/process needs to be interactive for the audience.
  • The artist is expected to come to Estonia and spend some time there. The minimum time spent in Estonia would be 2 weeks, to develop the feeling of the place and community.

We are happy to discuss all the aspects and approaches further.

The time for creating the artwork can be any time between March 2024 and May 2024. The last finishing touches can be made in the first week of June, but not later. 

Budget and practical information

We have a budget of 2000-4000 euros to cover all the creation of the artwork, including your fees.

Our support: We can offer you context of the community, and connect you with some people in communities who have been involved in creating the Route Diverse.

We will help you with the practicalities – for example, to identify different accommodation options. We will help with any knowledge about where to find technical help or materials. If you feel you´ll need anything else, let´s discuss it!

What to do if interested?

We would love you to tell us what mediums you are working with and what have you been doing as an artist. We would be interested in hearing what is it that makes you feel like joining us, and what questions are interesting for you to explore inside this framework. If you have any initial ideas about what could be the final result – good, but we can also talk first, to give more context. 

You can send us this information in writing, as a recorded shared file, or in any other form you feel good about. 

Email-address: [email protected]

We see through all applications as they come, so the earlier you get in touch to express your interest, the better.

For additional information, write to us at [email protected] and we can either exchange information in writing or set up a videocall.