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Tartu 2024 visited the Kaunas 2022 opening ceremony

Last week, the Tartu 2024 team took part in the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022. The Southern Estonian delegation observed the behind the scenes action of the major event that lasted for several days throughout Kaunas and the surrounding region and gathered valuable information to use in two years when Tartu and Southern Estonia will kick off our title year.

Opening ceremony of the capital of culture in Kaunas.
25. Jan Kaidi-Lisa Kivisalu

Photo: Kaunas 2022

“The opening ceremony of
Kaunas 2022 was a powerful production, culminating in a 45 minute long spectacle
unfolding in front of 40 000 thousand spectators,” said Annela Laaneots,
the Tartu 2024 Regional Coordinator. “The story of their city was projected on
the exterior of Kaunas Žalgiris Arena and an idea of ​​what to expect in Kaunas
during their title year was given to the audience.” 

“Every Tartu 2024 team member
observed areas relating to their work, monitored how the Lithuanians solved
issues and learned from their experience,” explained the Regional Coordinator. “Together
with Producer Heigo Teder, we participated at one of their regional opening ceremonies
in the Kaunas district that preceded the main event. We enjoyed a great
show, which reflected several elements from the main ceremony. Star
drummers performed exciting compositions with local choir singers and everything
culminated in a fire dance show. ” 

to Annela Laaneots, the Tartu 2024 delegation was also impressed by the city
space of Kaunas. “The installations, lighting solutions, pop-up
performances and concerts created for the opening night together formed a real
city-wide party,” Laaneots described. “I definitely recommend all
South Estonians to visit Kaunas this year and enjoy the powerful cultural
program there.”