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First Tartu 2024 workshop for eco-friendly merch postponed

On 14 March, the Tartu 2024 team was to hold their first workshop where participants can make a t-shirt, shopping bag and notebook that bear the message of the European Capital of Culture. None of the material used was to be new – the clothes and paper provided at the event were to be from second hand stores or recycled but in good condition, awaiting new owners and lives.

Workshop poster.
12. Mar Kalle Paas

Notice of postponement

Tartu 2024 team announces:

„We’ve decided to postpone Tartu 2024 workshop for eco-friendly merch. We want to behave in a pre-emptive way so that we support the joint effort in containing the spread of COVID-19 virus. We’re going to follow expert advice and hope that we can organise the workshop as soon as the situation allows.

By now, over 20 people have registered. Their participation fees will be returned as quickly as possible. Should one wish, the fee can remain as a pre-payment for the workshop that takes place at a new time. If you wish to use your participation fee as a pre-payment, please let us know about it via email: 

[email protected].

We apologize for postponement, but hope to meet you soon. Let’s behave responsibly and stay in good health!”

Original announcement:

Kaspar Aug, Marketing Project Manager for Tartu 2024, said that fan items with the Tartu 2024 logo have been in demand but are not yet for sale. “Our brand merchandise has to reflect our values and be environmentally friendly, so it takes some time to find quality goods and responsible manufacturers. Neither do we want to produce too many goodies with too short lifespans that nobody really needs,” Aug explained.

In addition to environmental friendliness, the coming workshop also connects with Tartu 2024’s goal to preserve human skills and literally bring Tartuvians and Southern Estonians together. The apparel in the workshop will be crafted under the direction of Pseudo Tours, also known for their street art journeys in Tartu and Tallinn. Volunteers from TYPA will be showing participants how to compile notebooks from recycled paper. The team of Tartu 2024 will be available for chats about the activities and plans of the upcoming European Capital of Culture.

The workshop will take place on 14 March from 12.00-15.00 in three sessions that each begin on the hour. To participate, please register at and confirm the registration by transferring a participation fee of 3€ (see above link for details). Everything necessary to make the merch is available but everyone is free to bring one well-kept piece of apparel or a shopping bag from home to decorate.

Thank you, Täikapood Sergei and Uuskasutuskeskus for partnering up with us!

Event on Facebook:

Additional info:
Kaspar Aug, Marketing Project Manager:
[email protected]
+372 5691 5644