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Tartu 2024 started in Europe with Stencibility Street Art Festival exhibition “Hello Mister Police Officer”

On Saturday, June 4, European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 launched its activities in Europe. The street art festival Stencibility opened an exhibition "Hello Mister Police Officer" at the Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin.

Exhibition visitor looking at art.
06. Jun Kaidi-Lisa Kivisalu
Photos: Carol Soovik and Gytis Dovydaitis

The exhibition at Neurotitan Gallery features works by Kairo, Edward von Lõngus, Stina Leek and Gutface until June 25. It showcases the street art culture of Tartu and how artists make the urban space richer and more meaningful. The exhibition also examines how street art plays with laws and regulations. In addition to the exhibition at the gallery, Tartu artists will draw on the streets of Berlin, the city will be toured by the sticky bus “SLÄP!”. Moreover, workshops and curated tours will take place.

The head organiser of the event Sirla highlights the uniqueness of Tartu: “Tartu has long stood out with its active street art life. The constantly renewing works on the walls have become a natural part of the urban space. With the exhibition taking place in Berlin, we will share a bit of what street art in Tartu is like, and hopefully those interested will discover it on the spot in 2024.”

Tartu 2024 Artistic Director Kati Ilves comments: “Hello Mister Police Officer is the first programme event of Tartu 2024 abroad, and we are very excited that it takes place in the mecca of European street art Berlin. This summer we will also participate at the European Capital of Culture Kaunas 2022 Summer Stage, where Anna Kaneelina and jonas f.k. will perform.”

Triin Pikk, Tartu with Earth Programme Line Manager, emphasises the importance of international cooperation: “Over the years, Stencibility has invited artists from Europe to visit Tartu. It is great that Tartu street art and street artists can now make new contacts, draw inspiration and share it themselves in Berlin. Everyone interested in Tartu street art is welcome to participate at the special Stencibility festival that will take place in 2024. ”

Tartu will be the European Capital of Culture in 2024 together with Southern Estonia. Carrying the European Capital of Culture title is the largest cross-sectoral cooperation project between Tartu and Southern Estonian local governments and it is the main cultural event in Estonia in 2024. The title year, a year-long event celebrating Estonian culture, is organised by a quarter of Estonia.