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Tartu 2024 Announces European Capital of Culture Programme in Southern Estonia

European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 will debut its cultural programme in Southern Estonia at a big free open-air party in Põlva on March 17. The celebration will feature performances by Zetod, rock orchestra Karmid Torud, Lenna, and the band Redel, among others.

Pealinna Pidu Põlvas poster.
16. Feb Kaidi-Lisa Kivisalu

“We are celebrating the next step in our journey as the European Capital of Culture. We are introducing to the rest of Europe this component of Tartu 2024’s main programme, which will take place in Southern Estonia during the title year,” Tartu 2024 artistic director Kati Torp stated.

Local and foreign audiences can enjoy music festivals, theatre productions, exhibitions, and various community events during the upcoming year. “This is an important piece of the Tartu 2024 puzzle, emphasising the uniqueness of Southern Estonia in Estonia and Europe,” Torp added.

The open-air concert will introduce the public to the Arts of Survival-inspired programme in Southern Estonia. Karmid torud, a rock orchestra, will perform in the party area of the Põlva Cultural Centre, with soloists Triinu Orm and Meelis “Hainz” Hainsoo. The rock orchestra will be joined on stage by Lenna and Redel (Indrek Vaheoja and Kristjan Oden). Jalmar Vabarna’s folk rock ensemble Zetod will perform a full-length concert.

Rene Liivamägi, a light artist, will cover Põlva’s most famous landmark with a light installation for one night only.

Toomas Kuusing’s art exhibition “Common Worlds” will be opened in the Cultural Centre. An installation introducing the Tartu 2024 programme in South Estonia will offer a visual treat in the outdoor area. On-site cafes and bars are open for the evening.

The celebration is free and open to the public.