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Programme Launch

Tartu 2024 will release the programme for the title year, which will include over 300 events, one hundred nights and days before the inaugural ceremony of the European Capital of Culture.

The stunning display “One Hundred Nights and Days to the Arts of Survival” at the Aparaaditehas creative campus will raise the veil on the upcoming year’s events.

Musicians Alika Milova, Mari Kalkun and Maris Pihlap, extreme sports athletes, acrobats, dancers and many others will take the stage. Their new creations will introduce the events of the European Capital of Culture in Tartu and Southern Estonia. The evening will end with a concert by a well-known surprise act, who will perform the newly created signature song of Tartu 2024.

An artificial intelligence oracle will host the evening and tell the tale of the Tartu 2024 artistic concept Arts of Survival. The AI ​​oracle was born with the help of the Tartu production studio Östuudio.

On the same day, ticket sales for all European Capital of Culture events will start, and the Tartu 2024 Arts of Survival book will be available for purchase. The event is free of charge. ETV will broadcast the show live!

19.10 programme


06.55–09.00  Terevisioon broadcast live from Aparaaditehas on ETV

12.00–13.15  Estonian press conference (accreditation)

14.00–15.15  English press conference (accreditation)

15.30–17.00  Journalists’ tour of the A. Le Coq beer world experience centre (by invitation)

17.00–19.00  Reception for the creators of the Tartu 2024 programme (small projects and Tartu projects, by invitation)

19.00–21.00  Show “One Hundred Days and Nights to the Arts of Survival” (public)

21.00–00.00  Topauto presents: Tartu 2024 reception (by invitation)

21.00–01.00  Kolm Tilli x Tartu 2024 after-party (public)

How to get to the event?

Distances to Aparaaditehas:

Tartu rail station 700 m
Tartu bus station 1500 m
Town hall square 1600 m

By bike

Bicycle parking areas are located adjacent to Aparaaditehas on Kastani street. Use the Tartu Smart Bike Share, more information about it here

By bus

The closest bus stop to Aparaaditehas is Pauluse (lines 1, 2, 8, 10, 11, 12). and in front of Aparaaditehas (1, 2, 8, 11, 12).


The closest parking lots are near Pauluse Church and on the Kase põik. Temporary accessible parking space is located behind Aparaaditehas (entrance from Riia street).


  • We will use existing decorations and buy as little new as possible for the event. All decoration and marketing materials will be reused in subsequent events.
  • Food will be served in reusable dishes. You are invited to use your own dishes. When it comes to food selection, it is important for us to have local, organic, fair trade food as well as have a variety of vegetarian food. To avoid food waste, we will find a use for any food that is left over.
  • At the event, we will collect waste separately. Please assist us by following the instructions and acting accordingly.
  • Thank you for coming to the event on foot, by bike, by public transportation, or by carpooling with family and friends.
  • We recommend that you dress appropriately for the weather in order to enjoy the event outside.


  • For guests with limited mobility

    • for wheelchair and mobility aid users and their accompanying person there is an accessible seating platform located in the Aparaaditehas courtyard (recommended entrance from Riia street);
    • accessible parking space, located behind Aparaaditehas (entrance from Riia street);
    • accessible toilets, located next to the restaurant Trikster Tihane and below the Club Guttenberg hall (entrance from the courtyard, door nr 7).
  • For hard of hearing guests

    • on-site Estonian and English subtitles are available for the performance. The following concert does not have subtitles.
    • the event will be broadcast live on ETV. The complete broadcast is viewable on the Jupiter channel with Estonian sign language interpretation. On-site sign language interpretation is not available.
    • if your service provider supports it, you can view the TV broadcast with automatic subtitles. Automatic subtitles are only available for the TV broadcast.
  • For visually impaired guests

    • the event’s audiovisual translation is available on the Jupiter channel. On-site audiovisual translation is not available.
  • For families with small children

    • Aparaaditehas (entry from Kastani Street) has a pram storage area. Because we expect a large crowd, moving around with a pram in the Aparaaditehas courtyard may be challenging.
    • Aparaaditehas’ accessible bathrooms have changing tables. They are located beside the restaurant Trikster Tihane and below the Club Guttenberg hall (entry from the courtyard, door number 7).
    • we recommend that you wear hearing protection. Children’s noise-cancelling headphones can be rented from the pram storage area (entry from Kastani Street). The number of headphones available is limited.