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T 25. Jun 2024

Saatse Museum 50 – art without borders


Saatse Muuseum

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On June 25, 2024, at 12 o'clock, the Saatse Museum celebrates its 50th anniversary with a book presentation and the opening of a new exhibition.

In 2024, the Saatse Museum, located on the southeastern border of Estonia in Setomaa, celebrates its 50th anniversary. This period has brought significant changes to both the people living here and the region itself. Setomaa has been divided between two countries for 33 years now. To reach the Saatse Museum, one has to cross the border of the Russian Federation twice, and the museum is only 250 meters away from the control line that serves as the state border. All of this has also influenced the Saatse Museum and its building. Nevertheless, despite all these borders and changes, the Saatse Museum has maintained a connection between nature, human beings, and human-created art. Adapting to the times, it has endeavored to interpret the changing era and its impact on the people of Setomaa, sometimes finding expression in the beautiful arts.
In the month of June 2024, we celebrate the jubilee month of the Saatse Museum. On June 25th at 12:00 PM, we invite everyone to the Saatse Museum’s birthday celebration, where we will present the book “A House Full of Stories,” reminisce about the people and stories associated with the museum, and open an exhibition dedicated to the actor Arvo Kukumäe, who hails from the Saatse region.

The most festive day of the jubilee month, the Museum’s birthday, will take place on June 25, with the following programme:

11:30 a minute’s silence in memory of the museum’s founder, Viktor Veeber, at Saatse cemetery.

12:00 Ceremonial act in the courtyard of the museum (inside the house in case of rain).

13:00 Speeches

13:30 Presentation of the book “A house full of stories”.

13:45 Opening of the exhibition “Kuku’s Room”, dedicated to Arvo Kukumägi

14:15 Opening of the animated reproduction of Renaldo Veeber’s fresco “Ploughman”.

14:30 Coffee table

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