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S 15. Jun 2024

Book presentation and panel discussion: Veil of Nature by Justine Blau

14:00 - 17:30

Tartu city | Tartu Ülikooli botaanikaaed

  • Exhibition/museum
  • Main programme


Introduction on the show and welcoming words by Fanny Weinquin, curator of Looduse Loor – Veil of Nature at Tartu University Botanical Garden.


Presentation of the publication Veil of Nature by Justine Blau, which brings together texts and artworks in relation to her research. The publication is being released in June 2024, by Berlin-based editor K. Verlag. (

The book serves as a base for some of the questions addressed during the panel discussion, wishing to open up a conversation at the intersection of science and art, with professionals concerned with biodiversity loss and conservation.


Sara Bédard-Goulet will be moderating the discussion with Tsipe Aavik, Justine Blau, Laura Cinti and Kai Vellak.

Can botanical collections save us? A speculative Question.

We will discuss the place of genebanks, seed banks, herbaria and botanical gardens as conservation practices in a period of environmental crisis. How is their purpose standing the

test of time and adapting to societal and science transformations? Could we imagine in a near future, botanic specimens to become genetic resources that could help us to revive lost species?

Nature loves to hide: Understanding conservation practices

In a period of eco-anxiety associated with an extensive accumulation of data, how can Heraclitus’ famous and enigmatic aphorism Phusis kruptesthai philei (Nature loves to hide) be interpreted? Can the Mystery of Life be solved?

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Tartu Ülikooli loodusmuuseum ja botaanikaaed


Lai 38, Tartu, Tartu maakond, Eesti

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