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Open Call to Join Courtyard Festival

“Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022” is inviting artists and community representatives to co-create the Courtyard festival.

Youth playing ping pong.
18. Mar Kaidi-Lisa Kivisalu

The festival is a tradition to foster community building and friendship among people living in
Kaunas city and district. On the festival day, various
communities, organisations, and neighbours bring
their chairs and tables to the city centre and decorate it with white tablecloths and flowers. Food
culture plays a central role in the festival: every
year communities bring their favourite dishes and
share the meals and stories with each other.

Besides the city-wide dinner, the festival is also
marked by music, creative installations and different kinds of performances in unexpected public
places, often created by the participants themselves.

The Courtyard festival celebrates the friendship and unity of
the city’s residents, guests and neighbours – there is no coincidence that the event is organized on the International
Neighbours’ Day. Other important topics in the festival this
year will be the relationship between man and river, ecology
and other green course ideas.

Sounds tempting? Be our guest!

We invite You to celebrate communities together on the
20th of May, 2022. If you have projects, performance,
visual arts or other ideas related to the topics listed above –
you are more than welcome to share them in Kaunas! Participating communities are also encouraged to bring their
national dishes to the tables of the Courtyard Festival.

Bring up to 15 members of Your community together and
join the feast by enriching it with Your food, talents, and stories.

We will be happy to offer you Kaunas as a stage, discuss how
we can implement Your ideas and cover accommodation
and catering during the day of the event.

Application form. Deadline for applying: 2022 April 1

Contact: [email protected], +370 622 78274