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OPEN CALL for film music composers at Kullaaugu Music Residency

Kullaaugu Music Residency will aim for creating a finalised piece of music for a short film, an animation or a commercial, in cooperation with the representatives of chosen audiovisual projects. In order for both sides to be satisfied with the end results, they will need to communicate in the span of the residency. If needed, both sides can stay at Kullaaugu at the same time. Alternatively, it is possible for residents to opt in to make music specific to a landmark or environmental surroundings.

Beautiful picture of Kullaaugu Music Residency
Kullaaugu Music Residency will open three monthly slots in the beginning of 2024.
21. Sep Kaidi-Lisa Kivisalu


  • Free accommodation
  • Travel budget, including plane tickets
  • Artist fee of 800€


  • Finished piece of music for a short film, an animation or a commercial
  • Workshop and concert in Põlva Parish
  • Showcase of completed works in Tartu at Genialistide Klubi

Apply here

Deadline: 20 October, 2023


Kullaaugu Music Residency will bring together musicians and composers with filmmakers from around the world to create music specifically for films or specific environments. The residency is located in a beautiful countryside village in South-East of Estonia, situated 30 km from Tartu. By the end of the residencies, there will be a public display of finalised works, which will bring greater insight into the specifics of creating. Workshops will be held for, which will be aimed towards (music) school students, in addition to the other participants from Põlva and Tartu areas.

The artists will be selected by organisers of Kullaaugu residency and representatives of following institutions: Baltic Film and Media School, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Jazz Union and Tartu 2024 Foundation.

Kullaaugu Music Residency is part of European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 main programme.