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Open Call: European Cabins of Culture

Bodø and Sparebank1 Nord-Norge Samfunnsløftet announce funds for the project European Cabins of Culture, which is part of the programme for Bodø2024. Bodø2024 seeks to fill tourist cabins and other hiking destinations with artistic and cultural content.

Inimgrupp levitab mäe otsast.
06. Jul Kaidi-Lisa Kivisalu

The European Cabins of Culture project will present a diverse programme of art and cultural experiences at tourist cabins and other hiking destinations. The aim is to spread the experiences throughout Nordland, and to offer an extra experience for those who like hiking, as well as draw people out into nature to experience something completely out of the ordinary.


  • The event must take place at a tourist cabin or other hiking destination in Nordland.
  • The event will be free and open to everyone.
  • Applications cannot be made to fund ordinary operating costs.
  • It is possible to apply for support for projects to be carried out at several tourist cabins/sites.
  • The project/event must have a dedicated organiser responsible for health, environment and safety. All events must take the environment and climate into account, and organisers must do what they can to ensure that the environmental footprint is as small as possible. We must take care of Northern Norway and our planet!

Deadline for applications: 1 September 2023.

More info and application form here!