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Look into my Ice: Calling for projects of artists residing in Estonia, Norway, Austria and Germany

We are pleased to announce an open call for an artist or artist group to create an outside piece for the facade of the Ice Age Centre building in Äksi, Estonia. The unveiling of the wall piece will be the first in a series of events such as exhibitions, performances, and workshops within the project Look into my Ice organised by the MTÜ Eesti-Saksa Kunstikoostöö (Association for Estonian-German cultural and art exchange) and curated by Maria Helen Känd between 2023 and 2024. Look into my Ice is a part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 programme.

20. Mar Kaidi-Lisa Kivisalu

The wall on the left is the first impression visitors see when they approach the centre and is flanked by the Saadjärv lake and a national park as an impressive natural surrounding.

Ice Age Centre is a thrilling educational theme park located in Southern Estonia. Its exhibitions provide a broad overview of the origins of ice ages and their effects on the Earth, Estonia, and Vooremaa. It introduces the development of Estonian nature and human settlement after the last ice age and the causes and research on climate change. Its location next to a beautiful lake
symbolises both the extraordinary beauty of Estonian nature and the challenges posed by climate change-related heat waves affecting the region’s ecosystem.

More info:

Look into my Ice event programme is carried out using environmentally friendly methods. We want to leave as little of an ecological footprint as possible when we build the outside installation. A key aspect of the project is the sustainable management of transportation, travel, and production materials.

The artwork

The following elements could be included in the artwork intended for the Ice Age Centre’s wall

  • Sustainable materials
  • A complete artistic concept for the outside installation (mural, wall piece)
  • An art installation fit to be installed outside
  • A growing installation/ mural
  • Negative carbon emission installation

We provide

  • Planning trip
  • Residency stay (flat, travel costs)
  • Artist fee 3000 €
  • Production costs (depending on the budget, min. 5.000 max. 7.000)
  • Release event at the end of August 2023
  • Communication/PR within the context of the Tartu 2024 – European Capital of Culture Tartu programme starting in 2023

How to apply

  • Examples of previous work / Portfolio
  • Sketch + description
  • Statement about the intended work
  • Budget regarding materials
  • CV

Please hand in one pdf with all needed information or a shared cloud folder to:
[email protected]

Feel free to contact us for further information: Helene Bosecker, Marie Mergler, Kristen Rästas [email protected]

More about the open call here