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Räpina Good Home Days

In Räpina, heritage culture intertwines with today, and local wisdom with the global trends.


We believe that a good home starts with a house and a garden built with your own hands, and that to feel well in that home, one needs to nourish both body and soul. That’s why we want to share the best skills and traditions of Estonia’s south-eastern corner with our visitors, as well as to bring them some know-how from our friends in Europe and further afield. Are you a passionate green thumb and into DIY? Or are you looking for a musical experience and a good bite? There’s something for everyone in Räpina!


In May 2024, Räpina will become a true home decoration and culture mecca, with plenty to discover for young and old alike! The Estonian Timber Building Heritage Week will bring a log house builders’ conference and championships to the town with experts from all over the world taking part. The workshops and seminars will offer good advice on house building and sustainable renovation, as well as a chance to polish your construction skills.
At the international gardening competition Horty Challenge, one can watch young gardeners from Estonia and Europe, and get their hands in the soil under the guidance of Räpina School of Horticultural.

The Räpina Good Home Days will feature a fair with authentic local products, educational workshops and an entertaining cultural programme. Folk art collectives and classical musicians from Estonia, Latvia and Germany will perform. The health and well-being of our visitors will not be forgotten either: visitors can enjoy water sports at Räpina harbour, dance their heart out at the evening dance party, and taste the local flavours at home cafés. Maybe that’s where your new favourite dish is hiding, in a local grandma’s recipe drawer?


We will revive the building traditions of our ancestors and share the knowledge of Räpina School of Horticulture, so that both local and distant visitors can benefit. In turn, performers from Europe and beyond will enrich the local cultural life and the home decoration landscape. In Räpina, we are combining all these experiences into a rich whole that will help to foster cooperation and a sense of community, both at home and with friends from abroad.