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Dedication to Estonian Piano

With a world-class cultural experience, we pay homage to Estonian piano manufacturing and its great figure Ernst Hiis.


The instruments built in the Estonia Piano Factory are played in homes, churches and concert halls, but did you know they have their roots in Luunja? It was there that Ernst Hiis, the founder of Estonia’s first piano factory, was born.

The concert dedicated to the legacy of Hiis will feature internationally renowned pianists and the world premiere of a musical work created in honour of the Estonia piano.


In April 2024, at the Piano Days in Luunja, we will introduce the legacy of Ernst Hiis, the grand old man of Estonian piano making, and the story of manufacturing pianos in Estonia.

The main concert in August, “Dedication to Estonian Piano”, will be carrying two ideas: on the one hand, it’s about introducing Estonia’s unique piano making tradition, on the other hand, it will provide the audience with a real musical treat. The concert will feature renowned pianists from all over the world accompanied by a symphony orchestra. The highlight of the concert will be the premiere of a piece dedicated to Estonian piano.

But that’s not all! Beautiful piano music can be enjoyed throughout the mild summer. Before the main event, all music lovers can enjoy an intimate concert at the Emajõgi-Suursoo Centre. In addition to that, we will be organising themed guided tours together with the Estonian National Piano Museum.


The event will help to showcase a remarkable part of Estonia’s cultural history and Luunja’s role in the Estonian piano making tradition. It will also provide local audiences with world-class music experiences.

A pianist outside on the street.