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Elva SummerStream

The best Estonian DJs will provide the right rhythm to Elva’s warm summer nights.


Here are six more reasons why you should choose Elva as your summer vacation spot this year! The best Estonian DJs will unpack their record bags on the magical shores of Lake Arbi, making the beach resonate with wonderful music. Dance along or simply enjoy the cosy summer nights!


On six nights from June to August, the pavilion by Lake Arbi will become the favourite spot of melomaniacs, dance enthusiasts and summer vacationists. Records will be spun by DJs who are well-known among Estonian music enthusiasts. If you can’t make it to Elva, turn on the live broadcast. All performances will be broadcast live and recorded, so a piece of warm summer bliss will be just a click away even during the darkest and coldest times!


The events will strengthen the local community and cultural life, bringing people from all around Estonia and Europe to spend their summer in Elva.

Elva SummerStream poster.