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Practical information for ECoC Tartu 2024 Summer Celebration


  • 1 August


    19:00 Performance of the Moving Cities Residency

    20:00–… Informal Meet-Up at Wine Bar Vint

  • 2 August

    Day in Viljandi visiting Tartu 2024 programme projects

    Free time in Tartu

    A boat drive on river Emajõgi and viewing of the Arts of Survival short films

  • 3 August

    Day in Tartu visiting Tartu 2024 programme projects

    19:00 Informal Reception

    21:00 Summer Celebration Warm-Up Artist

    22:00 Summer Celebration

    23:00 Summer Celebration Afterparty

    23:00–… Homebar Vint Open for ECoC Family and Friends

  • 4 August


    Option to visit Tartu 2024 exhibitions independently

    9:30-13:00 Visiting Art and Technology Farm Maajaam and exhibition Wild Bits in Otepää (optional)


Welcome to Tartu!

This time around we can only welcome two representatives of every ECoC and we can not cover accommodation or transport expenses. For recommendations on where to stay or how to get to Tartu, please see below. Please register your participation by 1 July here.


Tartu is easily reachable by public transport via Tallinn, Riga and also via Helsinki by plane.

There are direct buses from Tallinn Airport to Tartu every hour by LuxExpress. The tickets can be bought ahead of time online. Please see here for the schedules: LuxExpress also connects Riga Airport to Tartu.

For more on the Helsinki-Tartu airline, please see FinnAir’s flight schedules.


Need help with finding accommodation?

We have made preliminary pre-bookings for you in two different hotels for the time period 1.-4.08.2024. Please be aware that the number of rooms available under these pre-bookings is limited and we cannot guarantee a room for everyone. The pre-booking is also valid either until the rooms run out or until 1 July


August, one of the peak months in summer in Estonia, is the second warmest month of the year, after July. You will be able to enjoy an afternoon temperature of around 22°C, while the nighttime temperature ranges about 12°C. Please also be ready for light rain. Bring comfortable shoes as the programme is mainly walking and outside.


When moving around on your own, we encourage you to use public transport. Tickets can be purchased from orange validation machines on the bus via contactless payment and Google Maps offers reliable routes and schedules. Please check here for more detailed information on public transport within Tartu.

Estonia has both Bolt and Uber. Other options in Tartu: Forus Takso (+372 612 0000), Elektritakso (+372 588 588 00). In Tallinn: Tallink Takso (+372 640 8921), Forus Takso (+372 612 0000).


1. In Estonia, tap water is not only safe but also delicious. Bring along your favorite reusable bottle; you can conveniently and sustainably refill it, thus reducing the consumption of plastic bottles.

2. Estonia stands at the forefront of digital innovation worldwide. The use of e-ticketing is not only convenient and swift but also contributes significantly to waste reduction. Remember to remove the e-ticket from your email once it’s no longer needed.

3. Estonia is known for its beautiful natural landscapes. By sorting waste, you contribute to their preservation and show respect for our natural resources.

4. Walk or use environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as bicycles or rent scooters. In Tartu, there is also a Bike Sharing system.

5. Great souvenirs include local crafts and products crafted by small-scale artisans and producers, which help preserve cultural heritage. This offers you the chance to become a part of local life and the community.

6. Estonia has an efficient public transportation system, which is a convenient and environmentally friendly way to reach your destinations. By using public transport, you help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution while choosing comfort in your travels.


1. Estonia is generally well covered by different WiFi networks.
2. Smoking is permitted only in a designated smoking room or outside.
3. The currency of the Republic of Estonia is the euro.
4. The emergency number is 112.
5. The electricity supply in Estonia is 230 volts. Type F power sockets are in use.


  • Portreepilt Karmen Juhkamist

    Karmen Juhkam

    International Relations Assistant

  • In case of any questions, please contact the International Relations Assistant Karmen Juhkam