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South Estonia Community Programme

This is a South-Estonia-wide development and engagement initiative where our powerful communities have their say! Together we will introduce the story of our local sites and people to all of Europe. South Estonia is, after all, the most beautiful place on Earth.


Driving around in South Estonia, you may have noticed the yellow windows. The ones where you can take a picture of yourself or your friends with a nice view in the background. The journey of these yellow windows is based on the initiative of the communities and introduces locations that highlight the essence, values, stories and legends of South Estonia.

The South Estonian Community Programme is coordinated by the South Estonian LEADER action groups, who are also behind the success of the yellow windows initiative. Our aim within the Community Programme is to provide the visitors to South Estonia with what is important and valuable to local people.

South Estonia has its own identity based on pure nature, diverse cultural heritage, healthy lifestyle, local food and crafts, sustainable and innovative solutions. All of this needs to be appreciated and one should be proud of its own beauty and charm. That is why we invite you to be part of our programme!


The South Estonian Community Programme will bring you 24 events in 2023 and 2024. The communities will be organising events to highlight the unique characteristics of their specific regions and locations. Also involved as a partner is Tartu World University, another project of Tartu 2024.

You may find yourself in the wild, get to hear legends and participate in traditional activities; You will experience everything South Estonia has to offer and notice how good it feels to be here; You will be amazed by the level of innovation here – from green and circular economy to digital solutions; You will witness people working together.

There’s enough space and inspiration for everyone in South Estonia. Just pick an event that suits you best!


We will be strengthening the identity of South Estonia. Our cultural heritage will live on bigger, and Europe will get to be part of it.

Cooperation between Southern Estonian communities will be stronger, several innovative solutions have been implemented. The South Estonian region will evolve and grow thanks to active people who value where they’re from and happily share insights into the local activities with others.