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Audience Development Expert Visited Kultuurikompass to Share Inspiration And Experiences

Knowledge of audience development and engagement strategies are necessary for any cultural organiser. Agata Etmanowicz, Vice President of the Impact Foundation, shared her experiences and practical tips on the topic at the seminar "Kultuurikompass Presents" held on March 30.

08. Apr Kaidi-Lisa Kivisalu

According to Etamanowicz, shaping the audience is both an attitude and a process. She explained: “We need to put the audience in the middle of our vision and actions. This requires a clear understanding of why you are doing your job at all. All activities in the field of culture are carried out in dialogue with both the audience and organising partners. Receiving a positive charge from the audience is the main reason why we do our job. The journey to the event starts at home.”

For the expert, audience development is not just a project, gathering statistics, or marketing an event. “It is a strategic process during which the values and goals of one’s activities must be assessed. Audience development shows who you are. It’s about sharing your inner contemplation with other people,” said Etamanowicz.

In her presentation, Etamanowicz also emphasised that cultural organisers need support. “We need to remind ourselves that we affect people’s lives. One festival can be a very significant event in a person’s life. We are privileged to be able to work in this field,” said the expert.

According to Tartu with Humanity programme line manager Jaan Ulst, the aim of “Kultuurikompass Presents” is to exchange experiences between Estonian and foreign cultural organisers. “Our ambition is to bring a million visitors to the European Capital of Culture events. That is a high goal. Agata is an expert in her field who knows how to get to know the audience and bring to the events those who have not yet participated, ” said Ulst.

The meeting took place in the Tartu 2024 office (Raekoja plats 6) and online. The event is part of the Tartu 2024 cultural organisers’ forum Kultuurikompass. The international Kultuurikompass “How To Change The World Through Environmentally Friendly Cultural Management?” will take place on April 28 at the Estonian National Museum.