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Call for young volunteers: Join the Tartu 2024 European Solidarity Corps Teams Project!

Greetings from Tartu, the European Capital of Culture in 2024! We’re thrilled to extend our warm invitation to the youth of our fellow European Capitals of Culture (ECoCs)  to join us in celebrating a year of cultural vibrancy and togetherness.

Tartu 2024 is the main event in Estonia and the largest regional cooperation project between Tartu and Southern Estonia.

We bring over 1000 events to individuals of all ages. The year-long programme in Tartu and Southern Estonia presents the story of the Arts of Survival – the knowledge, skills, and values that will help us lead a good life in the future. As a community, we want to share this information while also learning from others. Inspired by culture, we build a better tomorrow.

European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 is versatile both in its nature and in its programme. On the one hand, it is a great cultural celebration that draws visitors from Estonia and abroad, and on the other, it is an opportunity to include as many people as possible in laying the groundwork for long-term change in Tartu and Southern Estonia.

Discover more at the Tartu 2024 Official Website.

Tartu 2024 invites dedicated young volunteers from our fellow ECoCs to collaborate with our local youth in Tartu on a Youth Festival named “KUS?” (in translation “Where?”).

Our Youth Festival’s main idea is: ,,Where is my heart?”. With our festival, we intend to put our focus on European youth (ages 16-26) and their struggles with growing up. Like is it my place to be in front of the young people sitting on the school bench or to rock on the stage? Is my role to be the one who defends the country diplomatically or am I running a business? The festival plans to answer these questions.

Our festival’s idea is to do things differently. We want to bring people to abnormal places and give them unusual experiences. In our programme, we will have a party in an old hospital, a picnic with music and poetry in the park, a movie night at a planetarium, a morning brunch in Tartu’s old town, an arthouse, a traditional house party with special drinks and so much more.

The festival is organized by the youth of Tartu 2024 Extended.

Main activities

Be prepared to embark on an adventure of creativity and camaraderie as you work together with local youngsters to organize an exciting and unforgettable Youth Festival in Tartu. Bring your unique interests, skills, and hobbies to the table to initiate fresh ideas for event organization.

  • Crafting decorations
  • Taking photos and videos before and during the festival (and later sharing them)
  • Helping to set the festival up and helping around during the festival
  • Doing a DJ-set or doing a musical/dance performance
  • Preparing engaging workshops tailored to your interests
  • Being a green ambassador at various events (picking up trash, sorting, taking responsibility for cleanliness)
  • Dispensing sponsor-provided items at events

Necessarily not tasks, but something to take into consideration

  • Slideshow of projects you’ve previously taken part in
  • Be prepared to cook/bake one easy meal/dessert from your nation
  • Creating content for social media

Practical information

Program Dates

August 1-21

Participant Age


Accommodation and Meals

Covered by the program, including shared rooms in a nearby hostel and a food budget. Participants will also receive a daily pocket allowance of 5€ a day.


Reimbursements according to the Erasmus+ travel distance calculator.

Preliminary Program

Prepare for an exciting journey filled with activities, reflection, and celebration. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store (there may be changes in the program in the future):

To Join Us

Contact your local ECoC office for registration details. The deadline for the application is 23rd of June, 23:59, 2024.

  • Day 1, 31 July

    • Arrivals
  • Day 2, 1. Aug

    • Introduction and meeting the Extended youth
  • Day 3, 2. Aug

    • Helping with Summer Celebration
  • Day 4, 3. Aug

    • Free day
  • Day 5, 4. Aug

    • Presentations about your previous experiences
    • Reflections
  • Day 6, 5. Aug

    • Youth Festival preparations
    • Activity/Free Evening
  • Day 7, 6. Aug

    • Youth Festival preparations
  • Day 8, 7. Aug

    • Free day
  • Day 9, 8. Aug

    • Youth Festival preparations
  • Day 10, 9. Aug

    • Youth Festival preparations
    • Reflections
  • Day 11, 10. Aug

    • Youth Festival preparations
    • Free evening
  • Day 12, 11. Aug

    • Youth Festival preparations
  • Day 13, 12. Aug

    • Ajude sissevool / AVP lava
  • Day 14, 13. Aug

  • Day 15, 14. Aug

  • Day 16, 15. Aug

  • Day 17, 16. Aug

  • Day 18, 17. Aug

  • Day 19, 18. Aug

    • Free day
  • Day 20, 19. Aug

    • Summary of how it went and conclusions
  • Day 21, 20. Aug

    • Last reflection together
  • Day 22, 21. Aug

    • Derparture


Feel free to reach out to our team at SA Tartu 2024 | Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture:

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of an unforgettable cultural journey in Tartu, the European Capital of Culture 2024. Let’s make great memories and celebrate solidarity together! 🎉🌍 #Tartu2024 #EuropeanSolidarityCorps