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Call For Papers: Cold War, Collective Memory and Identity Conference in Bodø, Norway

We invite scholars to submit paper-proposals for a conference on the Cold War and oral history at the Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø.

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The Cold War has left a significant material and immaterial footprint on Europe. From the remnants of architecture, military installations, pop culture and political orientation, it is still our shared memory of the conflict which is its most important legacy.

Although many facets of the legacy are apparently shared, the memory of the Cold War has also many unique aspects depending on where in Europe you live, whether you experienced it yourself or have just heard stories about it, etc. And new conflicts like the Russian invasion of Ukraine brings Cold War thematics to life again.

We are organizing a conference on the topic of the Memory of the Cold War and invite submissions for papers or proposal for panels. We are especially seeking submissions on these themes:

  • The Cold War as a creator of local identity.
  • Individual reflection as a collection methodology for oral history.
  • The Cold War as a catalyst for European integration and disintegration.
  • Personal stories and memories as tools in Cold War historiographic

In cooperation with the Estonian Aviation Museum in Tartu, the Estonian National Museum in Tartu, the Allied Museum in Berlin, Langelandsfort in Langeland and the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and with generous support from Bodø2024, the Norwegian Aviation Museum is conducting a research and documentation project called ‘Stories from Cold War Hotspots’. Our goal has been to collect personal stories and reflections on the Cold War from everyday people living in selected hotspots from both sides of the former Iron Curtain, in order to explore how the memory of the Cold War has impacted our perception of identity, society and the legacy of the conflict. The conference in June 2024 is part of this project. You can read more about it at:

The deadline for paper proposals is February 1st, 2024.

The submission should include:

  • An abstract of 500-700 words in English.
  • A biographical note listing major professional accomplishments (250
    words, in English).

We will notify selected speakers by mid-March 2024. We aim to publish the best papers in a peer-reviewed anthology to be published in 2025 and encourage the presenters to be prepared to write an academic article based on their presentation.

Accommodation and meals will be covered for presenters. The conference may also contribute to travel expenses upon application and subject to budgetary restrictions.

Submissions and additional questions should be sent to: [email protected]

The ‘Cold War and Collective Memory’-conference is part of 2024 – Bodø European Capital of Culture. It will take place amid a host of exciting events which we encourage you to read more about at