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Branded products

Eat Me, Drink Me and Touch Me - Tartu 2024 branded products!

Here you can find Tartu 2024 branded products that we have created in collaboration with Estonian companies. You can find them on store shelves as well as at various Tartu 2024 events. We are delighted that the European Capital of Culture has brought new flavours, clothing, and experiences to the market, making the enjoyment of the Tartu 2024 programme even better.

Cake on a tall cake stand

Eat and drink me!

Wear me!

  • Portreepilt Tõnis Pechterist

    Tõnis Pechter

    Partnership Project Manager

  • We invite companies to create Tartu 2024 branded products!

    Please reach out to us to let us know about your interest in creating a Tartu 2024 branded products!