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Alatskivi Lights

Alatskivi Castle brings local history to life through video, light and sound, as well as handicrafts and taste sensations.


Visual memory can be more powerful than other types of memory. The Festival of Lights takes visitors on a whirlwind journey through time in and around Alatskivi Castle, where visuals intertwine with light and sound. Local culture can be experienced in the castle’s restaurant and pottery room. The event will culminate in a performance on the facade of Alatskivi Castle, spiced with light, video and sound.


In October 2024, SA Alatskivi Loss is organising a festival of lights, showcasing the history of the castle and notable local people. For two evenings, the castle and its surroundings will be filled with light, music and shadow theatre.

In the castle, visitors can enjoy a sumptuous night feast, participate in a salon evening, and explore the castle on their own or with a guide. Handicraft enthusiasts can try their hand at pottery in the basement of the castle, while the hiking trail offers magical lantern walks.

The highlight of the evening is a light-filled performance in the castle courtyard. The spectacle will focus on the history of Alatskivi Castle and the composer Eduard Tubin, whose works will be presented in a new light. Through a combination of light installations and acting, history comes to life in front of the eyes of the audience and the castle reveals a whole new side of itself in the twilight!


We will be introducing local culture and history in an engaging and impactful way. The Festival of Lights is suitable for the general visitor, but also as a supplement to the school lessons. We help to promote the cultural, leisure and nature tourism (in the off-season) and work with other initiatives in the region (e.g. Home Café Day on the Onion Route).

Alatskivi castle