Toomemägi, central to the city of Tartu, comes to life with light, culture and science. You can walk around among the ruins of the cathedral and witness a holistic light show. You will get to experience surprising installations that showcase the cultural heritage of the University of Tartu. Toomemägi is truly worth exploring. 


The local distinctiveness of Toomemägi has evolved over the centuries. The heart of the medieval town and the historic centre of the university have both been located on this hill. Today Toomemägi is a peaceful park in the centre of Tartu. Yet very few people end up here. We are adding a new layer of interpretation to the heritage of this hill and welcome people from Tartu, Estonia and all over Europe to wander around here.  

The University of Tartu, located next to Toomemägi, has been one of the symbols of Estonia for four centuries. But just like the story of Toomemägi needs to be opened up more loudly, so too does the story of the University of Tartu. Our science and minds deserve to be rediscovered. 


If you happen to walk around at Toomemägi in the dark, you will see the illuminated ruins of the cathedral, as well as the tower, the choir and the wall. You get to sense the beauty and the power of this place. You will also have the chance to experience a short performance, a light show, about the glory days of the cathedral.

You'll also see installations, showcasing the scientific heritage of the University of Tartu. They are entitled "Lifesavers". In an artistic way, you'll get to experience the importance and the essence of scientific achievements.


After 2024, both Toomemägi and the University of Tartu will be even greater gems than they are now. Thanks to the electrical infrastructure created for the lighting project, it will be possible to comfortably organise events on Toomemägi in the future as well. 

Valuing and remembering the scientific achievements of the University of Tartu is the basis for more of such achievements, scientific ones precisely, not cuckoo!

In the end, however, intelligent romance will win! That is what you will get from Toomemägi and the University of Tartu.

Advocates: Mariann Raisma, Karoliina Kalda, Külli Lupkin and University of Tartu Museum