We are involving educational institutions and families from all over South Estonia in the eco-friendly food initiative. We teach children to appreciate their food, from seed to compost. The message about growing our own clean food will reach Europe!


Some of your daily food you can easily grow on your own, even if you live in a city and have a small garden. Growing edible plants in communities works for people regardless of their age, cultural, linguistic or social background.

We are what we eat! The habits and preferences of children and young people are influenced by their parents, but also vice versa. We will be showing Estonian children where food comes from and how much work goes into putting it on the table. The educational institutions of Tartu and South Estonia are our valuable partners in this. Eat food that has a story to tell and whose origin you can see for yourself!


You will have the opportunity to join us in the “Growing With Your Food” creative education programme, which aims to raise awareness about growing food among children, families and educational institutions.

You can get involved in an active and open network of community gardens. There will be a series of community activities - and action days where you can learn about soil, our heirloom varieties, caring for and preserving plants, etc. Videos will be produced to encourage the hesitant to get started. We will also open the door to experiences on what food plants are grown and how in other European educational institutions.

You can get involved in community action day "Leaves for Food" on Toomemägi, which introduces the food life cycle - local leaves become fertile soil for a local community garden.

There will be even more events and initiatives to come, just be eager and have the courage to get your hands or mind in the soil!


We will sow the seed in fertile soil and it will start growing. Estonian organic food and the local food culture will become an asset in Europe. Our children will know how to enjoy and grow clean food. Community gardens will become a popular activity in Tartu and in Estonian small towns.

Let's eat our own food and be organic!

Advocates: Elen Peetsmann, Karin Pai, Eeva Kirsipuu-Vadi